Rajasthan Tarbandi Yojana: Eligibility, Benefits & Documents Required

Rajasthan Tarbandi Yojana
Rajasthan Tarbandi Yojana

The Rajasthan Tarbandi Yojana 2024 stands out as a strategic initiative by the Rajasthan government, tailored to support the agricultural sector’s stability and growth. Recognizing the recurrent challenges farmers face due to stray animals, which often lead to significant crop damage, the scheme aims to mitigate these issues through financial support for fencing. This governmental intervention enhances agricultural productivity by securing crops and delineating farm boundaries, fostering a more organized and dispute-free farming environment.

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Rajasthan Tarbandi Scheme 2024: Information about Rajasthan Fencing Scheme

Launched by the state government, the Rajasthan Tarbandi Yojana 2024 is dedicated to providing financial assistance to small and marginal farmers for building protective fencing around their farms. The scheme, with a robust budget of ₹8 crore, targets a substantial number of beneficiaries. It offers a 50% subsidy on the expenses incurred in the construction of fences, with a maximum subsidy cap of ₹40,000 per farmer. This substantial support is aimed at empowering farmers to enhance their agricultural practices without the additional burden of full costs.

The Objective of the Rajasthan Tarbandi Yojana

The main goal of the Rajasthan Tarbandi Yojana is twofold. Firstly, it seeks to protect agricultural lands from stray animals like cows, bulls, and other livestock, which can cause extensive damage to crops and lead to financial losses for farmers. Secondly, the scheme aims to reduce conflicts among farmers by clearly marking land boundaries. By facilitating the construction of fences, the government not only protects crops but also promotes peace and order in rural farming communities.

Benefits and Features of Rajasthan Fencing Scheme 2024

The benefits of the Rajasthan Tarbandi Yojana are multifaceted:

  • Substantial Financial Subsidy: Farmers receive significant financial relief as the government covers half of the fencing costs, making it more affordable for them to protect their fields.
  • Enhanced Crop Security: With proper fencing, farmers can prevent the entry of stray animals, safeguarding their primary source of income—crops—from destruction.
  • Clear Land Demarcation: Fences serve as physical boundaries that help in resolving and preventing disputes over land ownership and usage among villagers.
  • Focus on Productivity: Secured boundaries allow farmers to concentrate on improving their agricultural techniques and crop yields instead of worrying about external disturbances.

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Eligibility for Rajasthan Tarbandi Yojana 2024

To ensure that the aid reaches those most in need, the scheme sets forth specific eligibility criteria:

  • Residency Requirement: Only farmers who are permanent residents of Rajasthan are eligible.
  • Target Group: It targets small and marginal farmers to ensure that those with limited resources receive support.
  • Land Ownership: Applicants must own and cultivate between 0.5 and 5 hectares of land.
  • Exclusion of Multiple Benefits: Farmers who have already received benefits under other land-related government schemes are ineligible.
  • Bank Account Requirement: An active bank account linked with Aadhaar is required for direct benefit transfer (DBT) of the subsidy.

Documents Required for Rajasthan Fencing Scheme 2024

The application process requires several critical documents to establish eligibility and facilitate the accurate disbursal of funds:

  • Aadhaar Card: For identity and residency verification.
  • Identity Proof: Any government-issued identification document.
  • Residence Certificate: To confirm the applicant’s residency within Rajasthan.
  • Ration Card: Often used for additional proof of identity and economic status.
  • Land Record (Jamabandi): To verify ownership and size of the land.
  • Affidavit: Stating that the applicant has not availed of similar benefits under other schemes.
  • Mobile Number: For communication purposes.
  • Passport-sized Photograph: For documentation.
  • Bank Account Passbook: To facilitate the transfer of subsidy funds.

How to Apply under Rajasthan Tarbandi Yojana 2024?

Farmers can apply for the scheme via both online and offline methods:

  • Online Application: Applicants need to visit the official Raj Kisan Saathi portal, navigate to the section dedicated to agricultural operations and select the option for fencing registration. This process involves filling out an online form and uploading the necessary documents.
  • Offline Application: For those who prefer or need to apply in person, the form can be downloaded, filled out, and submitted along with photocopies of the required documents at the nearest agricultural office.

This comprehensive support under the Rajasthan Tarbandi Yojana 2024 is a significant step towards modernizing agriculture in Rajasthan, ensuring that farmers can cultivate their land more effectively and with greater peace of mind.

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