TN Mannuyir Kaathu Mannuyir Kaappom Scheme: Benefits, Eligibility & Application Process

TN Mannuyir Kaathu Mannuyir Kaappom Scheme
TN Mannuyir Kaathu Mannuyir Kaappom Scheme

In a major initiative to promote sustainable agriculture and preserve soil health, the Tamil Nadu government, under the leadership of Chief Minister M.K. Stalin, has launched the Mannuyir Kaathu Mannuyir Kaappom Scheme. This scheme is a significant move towards enhancing soil fertility and encouraging eco-friendly farming practices in the state. Let’s explore the details of this scheme, including its objectives, benefits, eligibility criteria, and the application process.

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About Mannuyir Kaathu Mannuyir Kaappom Scheme

The Mannuyir Kaathu Mannuyir Kaappom Scheme, named to reflect its goal of nurturing life through nurturing soil, aims to address the declining health of soil due to the excessive use of chemical inputs in agriculture. By focusing on the distribution of green manure seeds, the scheme targets to revitalize the soil and support the state’s farming community.

Name of the SchemeMannuyir Kaathu Mannuyir Kaappom Scheme
Launched byChief Minister M.K. Stalin
Launch DateJune 12, 2024
Budget Allocated₹206 crore
ObjectiveTo improve the soil health in the state of Tamil Nadu
ModeOnline (official website pending announcement)
StateTamil Nadu

Objectives of Scheme

The primary objective of this scheme is to enhance soil fertility and reduce the dependency on chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides, which are harmful to the natural soil biome. The Tamil Nadu government recognizes the necessity of shifting towards sustainable and chemical-free agricultural practices to ensure long-term agricultural productivity and ecological balance.

Benefits of Tamil Nadu Mannuyir Kaathu Mannuyir Kaappom Scheme 2024

The scheme promises several direct benefits:

  • Green manure will be planted across two lakh acres in its first phase, aiming to enrich the soil organically.
  • This initiative will not only improve the nutrient content of the soil but also protect and enhance the microbial population essential for a healthy soil ecosystem.
  • Farmers are encouraged to adopt chemical-free farming practices, leading to more sustainable agricultural outputs.

Eligibility Criteria for Mannuyir Kaathu Mannuyir Kaappom Scheme 2024

To be eligible for the scheme, applicants must:

  • Be a resident of Tamil Nadu.
  • Be actively engaged in farming within the state.

Application Process of Mannuyir Kaathu Mannuyir Kaappom Scheme 2024

While the official website for the scheme is yet to be launched, the application process is expected to be straightforward. Farmers will need to fill out an application form online, providing the necessary documentation to prove their eligibility. Details will be available once the government finalizes and announces the official portal.

Allocation and Use of Funds

The allocation of ₹206 crore for this scheme underscores the Tamil Nadu government’s commitment to sustainable agriculture. A significant portion of this fund, ₹20 crore, is specifically earmarked for the initial phase of planting green manure across 200,000 acres, directly benefiting over 200,000 farmers.

This initiative not only represents a crucial step towards environmental stewardship but also aims to ensure the welfare and productivity of the state’s agricultural sector for future generations.

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