UP Kaushal Satrang Yojana: Objectives, Eligibility, and How to Apply

UP Kaushal Satrang Yojana
UP Kaushal Satrang Yojana

The UP Kaushal Satrang Yojana 2024 is a comprehensive initiative launched by the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath, aimed at addressing the issue of unemployment among the youth in the state. This scheme focuses on skill development and providing employment opportunities to the unemployed youth of Uttar Pradesh.

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UP Kaushal Satrang Scheme 2024

The UP Kaushal Satrang Yojana has been designed to provide specialized skill training and create employment opportunities for the youth of Uttar Pradesh. The scheme includes the organization of mega job fairs in each district’s employment office and aims to train 2.37 lakh individuals. The initiative focuses on integrating various skill development schemes to enhance the employability of educated youth.

This scheme is structured around seven core sub-schemes, each targeting different aspects of skill development and employment. By integrating these various initiatives, the scheme aims to provide a holistic approach to tackling unemployment.

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Objective of UP Kaushal Satrang Scheme 2024

The primary objective of the UP Kaushal Satrang Yojana is to equip the youth of Uttar Pradesh with the necessary skills and provide them with employment opportunities. The scheme aims to:

  • Reduce Unemployment: By providing comprehensive training programs and job placement services.
  • Enhance Skill Development: Establish new skill development centres in each district to provide accessible training.
  • Prevent Urban Migration: By creating job opportunities within rural areas, reducing the need for rural youth to migrate to urban areas for employment.
  • Support Economic Growth: By creating a skilled workforce that can contribute to the state’s economy.
  • Foster Self-Employment: Through the promotion of startups and self-employment initiatives.

Details of UP Kaushal Satrang Yojana

Scheme DetailDescription
Name of the SchemeUP Kaushal Satrang Yojana
Launched byChief Minister Yogi Adityanath
BeneficiariesUnemployed youth of Uttar Pradesh
ObjectiveTo provide training and employment opportunities to the youth
BudgetINR 1200 crore allocated for the scheme
ImplementationVarious departments and industry partners will collaborate to provide training and job placement services.

7 Schemes Under Kaushal Satrang Yojana

The UP Kaushal Satrang Yojana comprises seven key sub-schemes designed to address different aspects of skill development and employment:

  1. CM Yuva Hub Yojana: This scheme integrates all self-employment schemes from various departments. It has a budget of INR 1200 crore and aims to establish 30,000 startup units, providing suitable jobs to unemployed youth. The initiative focuses on fostering entrepreneurship and supporting new business ventures.
  2. Chief Minister Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme: Under this scheme, youths undergoing apprenticeships in any industry will receive a stipend of INR 2500. The stipend is a joint effort, with the central government contributing INR 1500, the state government contributing INR 1000, and the respective industries covering the remaining amount. This initiative helps bridge the gap between education and employment by providing practical experience and financial support.
  3. District Skill Development Scheme: A committee under the District Magistrate will handle job registration for unemployed youth. This scheme focuses on local-level implementation, ensuring that the benefits of the initiative reach every district. The committee will oversee the training programs and job placements, tailoring them to the specific needs of the local job market.
  4. Tehsil Level Skill Fortnight Scheme: This scheme uses LED vans to inform youth about various skill development schemes. The vans will travel to different tehsils, providing information and encouraging participation in the training programs. This mobile approach ensures that even those in remote areas have access to information about the opportunities available.
  5. Training and Employment Provision: In collaboration with IIT Kanpur and IIM Lucknow, this scheme provides training in various departments, including healthcare and education. It also aims to enroll out-of-school children in schools and provide them with skill development training. This initiative ensures that participants receive high-quality training from reputed institutions.
  6. Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL): This scheme certifies traditional industry artisans. By recognizing and certifying their existing skills, the initiative aims to improve their employability and integrate them into the formal economy. This certification helps artisans gain better job opportunities and fair wages.
  7. Partnership with Placement Agencies: The state government has partnered with three placement agencies to improve employment opportunities for the youth. These agencies will assist in matching trained individuals with suitable job openings, ensuring that the training leads to actual employment.

UP Kaushal Satrang Yojana is a Program that Provides

The UP Kaushal Satrang Yojana is designed to provide the following benefits to the youth of Uttar Pradesh:

  • Skill Training: Comprehensive training programs to develop relevant skills.
  • Employment Opportunities: Job placement services to help participants secure employment.
  • Job Fairs: Organization of job fairs to connect beneficiaries with potential employers.
  • Financial Support: Direct transfer of salaries and stipends to beneficiaries’ bank accounts.
  • Holistic Development: Various supporting schemes to address different aspects of skill development and employment.

The program aims to include all unemployed youth in the state, offering them the necessary training and opportunities to secure stable employment.

Uttar Pradesh Kaushal Satrang Scheme 2024 Documents (Eligibility)

To be eligible for the UP Kaushal Satrang Yojana, applicants must meet the following criteria and provide the necessary documents:

  • Residency: The applicant must be a permanent resident of Uttar Pradesh.
  • Unemployment: The applicant must be unemployed and not currently holding any job.
  • Required Documents:
    • Aadhaar card
    • Residence certificate
    • Bank account number
    • Mobile number
    • Passport-size photo

How to Apply for UP Kaushal Satrang Yojana 2024?

Currently, the application process for the UP Kaushal Satrang Yojana 2024 is yet to be fully launched. Interested beneficiaries will need to wait for the official announcement regarding the commencement of the application process. Once the scheme is fully operational, the following steps will be required to apply:

  1. Official Notification: Keep an eye out for the official announcement regarding the launch of the application process. This information will be available on official websites and government notifications.
  2. Collect Required Documents: Ensure you have all the necessary documents, such as your Aadhaar card, residence certificate, bank account details, mobile number, and passport-size photo.
  3. Visit the Official Portal: Once the application process is launched, visit the official portal designated for the UP Kaushal Satrang Yojana.
  4. Register on the Portal: Create an account on the portal by providing your basic details, such as your name, mobile number, and email address.
  5. Fill in the Application Form: Complete the application form by providing all the required information, including your details, educational qualifications, and employment status.
  6. Upload Documents: Upload scanned copies of the required documents to the portal.
  7. Submit the Application: Review your application to ensure all information is accurate, then submit it through the portal.
  8. Acknowledgement: After submission, you will receive an acknowledgement receipt with a reference number. Keep this receipt for future reference.
  9. Follow-up: Keep track of updates regarding your application status through the official portal. You may be contacted for further verification or information if needed.

In summary, the UP Kaushal Satrang Yojana 2024 is a significant step towards addressing unemployment in Uttar Pradesh by providing skill development and employment opportunities to the youth. With a substantial budget and multiple supporting schemes, the initiative aims to build a skilled and employable workforce in the state.

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