Arun Kakatkar Joins Microsoft India as GM of Human Resources

Arun Kakatkar Joins Microsoft India as GM of Human Resources
Arun Kakatkar Joins Microsoft India as GM of Human Resources

In a significant move that marks a new chapter in its leadership and organizational development, Microsoft India and South Asia have welcomed Arun Kakatkar as the new General Manager of Human Resources. This appointment comes at a time when the tech giant continues to emphasize cultivating a high-performance culture and strategic alignment across its operations in the region.

Kakatkar is no stranger to Microsoft, making this role his second stint at the company. He previously served as the Director of People and Organisational Capability in Singapore from 2008 to 2011. His return underscores a seasoned journey through various leadership realms, especially in human resources and strategic planning.

A Storied Career in Leadership and Strategy

Before rejoining Microsoft, Kakatkar carved out a notable career in the Asia Pacific region. His tenure at TE Connectivity in India as the Managing Director and Vice President of HR for Asia Pacific saw him driving significant HR initiatives and business leadership strategies. Following this, Kakatkar took on a pivotal role at Kalyani Group, where as President/Chief of Strategy and Organisation, he spearheaded global corporate business strategies, emphasizing organizational efficiency and strategic clarity.

Vision for Microsoft India and South Asia

The departure of Ira Gupta, the former Chief Human Resources Officer for India and South Asia, paved the way for Kakatkar’s entry into a pivotal role at Microsoft. In his new capacity, Kakatkar is tasked with a multifaceted mission. He aims to cultivate an inclusive and high-performance culture within Microsoft, seeking to bridge organizational and talent strategies with overarching business objectives. Moreover, Kakatkar’s role involves building high-performing leadership teams, crucial for sustaining innovation and strategic growth in a competitive technological landscape.

One of Kakatkar’s primary objectives is to implement operating mechanisms that foster integration and alignment across different segments of the organization. This strategy is aimed at enhancing synergy and coherence within Microsoft’s diverse operations, ensuring that the organization moves forward in a unified direction towards its strategic goals.


Kakatkar’s rich background in HR and business leadership, combined with his previous experience within Microsoft, positions him uniquely to steer the company’s human resources and organizational development strategies in India and South Asia. His leadership comes at a critical time when Microsoft continues to expand its footprint in the region, facing the dual challenges of navigating a complex business environment and fostering an innovative, inclusive workplace culture.

As Microsoft India and South Asia embark on this new phase under Kakatkar’s guidance, the tech industry watches with keen interest. The strategies and innovations that emerge from this leadership transition are anticipated to not only impact Microsoft’s internal culture but also set trends in organizational development and human resource management in the tech sector at large.

Kakatkar’s return to Microsoft signifies a full-circle moment, bringing his extensive experience and fresh perspectives to the forefront of one of the world’s leading technology companies. With a clear vision and a commitment to strategic alignment and cultural inclusivity, Arun Kakatkar is poised to lead Microsoft India and South Asia’s human resources into a new era of growth and development.

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