Indusind Bank eSvarna Rupay Credit Card: Features, Benefits, Lounge Access & More

Indusind Bank eSvarna Rupay Credit Card
Indusind Bank eSvarna Rupay Credit Card

IndusInd Bank has unveiled a groundbreaking addition to its financial offerings with the launch of the ‘IndusInd Bank eSvarna’ credit card on the RuPay network. This new corporate credit card marks a significant milestone, positioning itself as the country’s inaugural Corporate Credit Card on the RuPay network, integrating innovative UPI functionality. This card presents a tailored solution for corporate needs, emphasizing seamless transactions at merchant outlets and the flexibility to make UPI payments by linking the card with UPI-enabled apps.

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IndusInd Bank eSvarna RuPay Credit Card Usage and Features:

The eSvarna RuPay credit card is exclusively tailored for business transactions rather than personal expenses. It’s designed to cater to the needs of professionals and businessmen who frequently travel. Users can expect a versatile experience encompassing various lifestyle-related value-added benefits across categories such as travel, wellness, and lifestyle.

IndusInd Bank eSvarna RuPay Credit Card Benefits & Rewards:

Cardholders can relish a multitude of benefits and rewards that redefine corporate travel experiences. The eSvarna credit card entitles users to a luxurious travel journey, including complimentary lounge access both domestically and internationally. Additionally, it offers a fuel surcharge waiver, a perk greatly appreciated by frequent travelers who utilize transactions between Rs 400 and Rs 4,000 at fuel stations.

Corporate travelers can reap the added benefit of comprehensive travel insurance coverage, ensuring peace of mind during their journeys. Furthermore, the rewards program is meticulously crafted to elevate the corporate entity’s travel experiences and augment their overall lifestyle.

IndusInd Bank eSvarna RuPay Credit Card Lounge Access:

One of the standout features of the eSvarna RuPay credit card is the access it grants to airport lounges. Cardholders can enjoy the privilege of eight domestic and two international complimentary lounge visits annually, offering a respite amidst their travels.

IndusInd Bank eSvarna RuPay Credit Card Fuel Surcharge Waiver:

Users of the eSvarna credit card are eligible for a 1% fuel surcharge waiver on transactions ranging from Rs 400 to Rs 4,000 at all fuel stations. This benefit aims to alleviate expenses associated with fuel purchases during travels.

IndusInd Bank eSvarna RuPay Credit Card Travel Insurance Coverage:

The card offers comprehensive travel insurance coverage, encompassing various scenarios such as loss of passport, ticket, baggage delay, missing connecting flights, and air accident death. This insurance coverage adds a layer of security and convenience for travelers amidst unforeseen circumstances.

IndusInd Bank eSvarna RuPay Credit Card Lost Card Liability Insurance:

In the unfortunate event of a lost card or stolen card details being misused fraudulently, the eSvarna credit card provides substantial lost card liability insurance coverage of up to Rs 15 lakh. This insurance comprehensively covers unauthorized transactions after reporting the loss to the bank, offering cardholders a sense of security.

In conclusion, the IndusInd Bank eSvarna RuPay Credit Card stands as a testament to the bank’s commitment to providing innovative financial solutions for corporate clients. With its array of benefits, lounge access privileges, fuel surcharge waivers, and comprehensive insurance coverage, this card redefines corporate travel experiences and serves as a valuable asset in the realm of business transactions.

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