Lakhpati Baideo Scheme: Benefits, Application Process, Eligibility Criteria, Documents

Lakhpati Baideo Scheme
Lakhpati Baideo Scheme

In an ambitious move to bolster economic independence among women in Assam, the state government has launched the Lakhpati Baideo Scheme. This initiative is designed to empower women by providing them with the necessary financial support to start their own businesses, thereby fostering a spirit of entrepreneurship among members of Self-Help Groups (SHGs).

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Lakhpati Baideo Scheme Overview

The Lakhpati Baideo Scheme, introduced by the Assam government, aims to provide financial assistance to 40 lakh women entrepreneurs across the state. Each beneficiary will receive a total of ₹35,000 over three years, which will be directly deposited into their bank accounts. This scheme not only supports the creation of new business ventures but also contributes to Assam’s broader population control initiatives.

Lakhpati Baideo Scheme Features

The scheme boasts a substantial budget of ₹4,000 crore, underscoring the government’s commitment to creating “two crore Lakhpati didis” or millionaire sisters. The funding is intended to help women establish and expand their businesses, with the stipulation that the financial assistance must be repaid within three years. A unique aspect of this scheme is that it requires beneficiaries to submit a detailed business plan before the funds are disbursed, ensuring that the money is used for genuine entrepreneurial purposes.

Lakhpati Baideo Scheme Benefits

The primary benefit of the Lakhpati Baideo Scheme is the financial empowerment it offers to rural microbusiness owners. By providing a capital boost of ₹35,000, the scheme helps women overcome the initial financial hurdles associated with starting a business. Moreover, this initiative not only supports women affiliated with SHGs but also encourages those who wish to pursue independent entrepreneurial activities. The ultimate goal is to promote economic and social independence among women in Assam, contributing to the overall development of the state.

Lakhpati Baideo Scheme Application Process

To apply for the Lakhpati Baideo Scheme, eligible women must visit the official scheme website and navigate to the application section. The process involves filling out an application form with all the required details, uploading necessary documents, and submitting the form online. Once the application is processed, the financial assistance will be directly transferred to the beneficiary’s bank account, provided they meet all eligibility criteria and their business plan is approved.

Lakhpati Baideo Scheme Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility for the Lakhpati Baideo Scheme is fairly straightforward:

  • The applicant must be a woman residing in Assam.
  • She must have an operational bank account.
  • The applicant should not have more than two children.
  • Membership in a self-help group is mandatory.
  • Applicants cannot have previously applied for a business loan under any other government scheme.

Lakhpati Baideo Scheme Required Documents

To ensure a smooth application process, applicants need to prepare and submit several documents:

  • Aadhar card for identity verification
  • Address proof to confirm residency in Assam
  • Valid email ID and mobile number for communication
  • Identity card and income certificate
  • Bank passbook
  • Age certificate
  • Certificate proving membership in a self-help group
  • Detailed business startup plan
  • Passport size photographs

The Lakhpati Baideo Scheme represents a significant step forward in empowering women in Assam by providing them with the financial tools needed to start and grow their own businesses. This initiative not only aims to boost the local economy but also to improve the social standing of women within the community.

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