List of Tata Mutual Funds with Minimum SIP Application Amount of Rs 100

List of Tata Mutual Funds with Minimum SIP Application Amount of Rs 100
List of Tata Mutual Funds with Minimum SIP Application Amount of Rs 100

Investing in mutual funds offers a promising opportunity for individuals to grow their wealth systematically over time. Tata Mutual Fund has taken a commendable step in making investing more accessible by reducing the minimum Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) application amount to Rs 100 across several of its schemes. This change, effective from December 18, opens doors for more investors to participate in the market with ease.

Tata Mutual Fund’s diverse range of schemes now allows investors to start their SIP journey with just Rs 100 or multiples thereof. This adjustment in the minimum SIP amount encompasses various Tata Mutual Fund schemes, making it easier for individuals to initiate their investment endeavors in funds that cater to different risk appetites and financial goals.

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List of Tata Mutual Funds with Minimum SIP Application Amount of Rs 100

Here’s a comprehensive list of Tata Mutual Fund schemes with the reduced minimum SIP application amount:

  1. Tata Balanced Advantage Fund
  2. Tata Banking and Financial Services Fund
  3. Tata Business Cycle Fund
  4. Tata Digital India Fund
  5. Tata Dividend Yield Fund
  6. Tata Equity P/E Fund
  7. Tata Equity Savings Fund
  8. Tata Ethical Fund
  9. Tata Flexi Cap Fund
  10. Tata Focused Equity Fund
  11. Tata Housing Opportunities Fund
  12. Tata Hybrid Equity Fund
  13. Tata India Consumer Fund
  14. Tata India Pharma & Healthcare Fund
  15. Tata Infrastructure Fund
  16. Tata Large & Mid Cap Fund
  17. Tata Large Cap Fund
  18. Tata Mid Cap Growth Fund
  19. Tata Multi Asset Opportunities Fund
  20. Tata Quant Fund
  21. Tata Resources & Energy Fund
  22. Tata Small Cap Fund

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Why Did Tata Mutual Funds cut minimum SIP application amount to Rs 100?

This reduction in the minimum SIP application amount emphasizes Tata Mutual Fund’s commitment to inclusivity, allowing investors to start their investment journey with a nominal amount. It’s a strategic move aimed at encouraging more individuals, including first-time investors and those with limited capital, to participate in the market and benefit from mutual fund investments.

Importantly, this change is implemented prospectively, meaning it applies to future SIP investments made in the specified schemes and remains in effect until further notice from Tata Mutual Fund.

Despite the reduction in the minimum SIP amount, all other terms and conditions, risk factors, as well as the essential documents such as SID, KIM cum application form, and SAI, along with any prior addendums, remain unchanged.

Investors now have an excellent opportunity to explore and consider these Tata Mutual Fund schemes, initiating their investment journey with as little as Rs 100 per SIP installment. This move aligns with the broader goal of fostering a culture of savings and investment among individuals, promoting financial inclusivity, and facilitating wealth creation over time.

Tata Mutual Fund’s step to lower the barrier to entry for mutual fund investments signifies a progressive approach toward catering to a wider audience, thereby potentially expanding its investor base while empowering individuals to build a more secure financial future.

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