Prof Naima Khatoon Appointed Vice-Chancellor (VC) of Aligarh Muslim University

Prof Naima Khatoon
Prof Naima Khatoon

In a historic appointment, Prof. Naima Khatoon has been named the first woman Vice-Chancellor of Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) in its more than 100-year history. This landmark decision was confirmed on April 22 by the Ministry of Education following approval from President Droupadi Murmu, who serves as a Visitor to the university. This appointment not only represents a significant milestone in the university’s commitment to gender equality but also marks a major step forward in the advancement of women in higher educational leadership in India.

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From Lecturer to Vice-Chancellor: Prof. Naima Khatoon’s Journey

Prof. Naima Khatoon, who began her illustrious career at AMU as a lecturer in the Department of Psychology in 1988, has demonstrated a steadfast dedication to education and academic excellence. With a PhD in psychology obtained from the very university she now leads, Khatoon climbed the academic ladder to become a professor in 2006 and was later appointed the principal of Women’s College at AMU in 2014. Her ascent to the vice-chancellorship is seen not only as a personal achievement but also as an inspiring model for female academicians across the nation.

Appointment Approved Amid Election Regulations

The announcement of Prof. Khatoon’s appointment comes at a critical time when the university was navigating the complexities of the Model Code of Conduct (MCC), enforced due to ongoing elections. Permission for this appointment was meticulously sought from the Election Commission of India (ECI), ensuring that the appointment process adhered to all regulatory requirements and that it did not serve any political interests.

Selection Amid Controversy: Overcoming Conflict of Interest

Prof. Khatoon’s candidacy sparked considerable debate within the academic and administrative circles of AMU. A conflict of interest was noted by several university officials due to her husband, Prof. Mohammad Gulrez’s role as the Acting Vice-Chancellor of AMU. Despite such concerns, the selection process continued, and Prof. Khatoon emerged as one of the five candidates shortlisted by the 27-member Executive Council of AMU from a total of 36 applicants. This decision underscored her esteemed standing within the academic community and highlighted her qualifications and readiness to lead.

AMU Marks a Century and Welcomes Its First Female Vice-Chancellor

The appointment of Prof. Khatoon is particularly symbolic as it follows the centennial celebration of AMU in 2020, marking 100 years since its establishment in 1920 through the Aligarh Muslim University Act. Throughout its storied history, AMU has seen numerous milestones, yet the vice-chancellorship has remained elusive for women until now. The only other woman to have held a significant leadership role at AMU was Begum Sultan Jahan, who was appointed Chancellor in 1920.

Prof. Khatoon’s Vision for the Future of AMU

As AMU embraces this new chapter under Prof. Khatoon’s leadership, the university community and observers alike anticipate a period of invigorated policies and initiatives aimed at fostering academic excellence and inclusivity. Prof. Khatoon’s deep roots in the university and her extensive experience are expected to drive AMU forward in achieving its educational and social objectives.

The appointment of Prof. Naima Khatoon is a beacon of progressive change, not just for Aligarh Muslim University but for the broader landscape of higher education in India. It serves as a testament to the evolving dynamics within educational institutions and paves the way for more inclusive and diverse leadership in the future

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