TSRTC Bus Pass 2024: How to Apply for Telangana Student Bus Pass, Counter Timings

TSRTC Bus Pass 2024
TSRTC Bus Pass 2024

Navigating through the bustling streets of Telangana requires a dependable and affordable transport system, especially for students. The Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC) has tailored several bus pass options to facilitate smooth travel for its student population, accommodating both financial constraints and geographical coverage. This guide details the types of student bus passes available for 2024, application methods, and counter timings, ensuring you have all the information you need to benefit from these services.

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Details of TSRTC Bus Pass

Amid rising operational costs, largely due to escalating diesel prices, TSRTC continues to innovate its service offerings to minimize the financial burden on daily commuters. The introduction of a “diesel cess” is a recent measure aimed to partially absorb the increased costs without forsaking the quality of service. Despite these challenges, TSRTC offers a variety of bus passes tailored to different needs and age groups, primarily focusing on student commuters.

Student Free Bus Passes

For younger students below 12 years, TSRTC provides free bus passes, enabling travel to and from school on all days except public holidays. This offer covers distances up to 22 km in city buses and up to 20 km in district buses. The eligibility extends specifically to girl students up to class 10 and below 18 years of age, promoting safer and cost-effective commuting options for young female students across Telangana.

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Student Concessional Route Passes in Cities

Older students, those above 12 years, can benefit from the Student Concessional Route Passes available for city travel. These passes come at a reduced cost and cater to various travel distances, ensuring that students can travel affordably within city limits.

Student Quarterly Route Bus Pass

For those who prefer longer-term planning, the Quarterly Route Bus Pass offers a three-month validity, catering to students requiring regular transit over fixed routes within the city. This pass is priced based on the travel distance, ranging from 4 km to 22 km.

Sl. No.Distance in KMsTariff (Rs.)

Student General Bus Ticket

The General Bus Ticket is another economical option for city-dwelling students above 12 years, offering monthly and quarterly pass options. This flexible ticket allows unrestricted travel within the city and suburban limits, ensuring that students can attend school and extracurricular activities without transportation woes.

Sl. No.Bus Pass TypeMonthly Tariff (Rs.)Quarterly Tariff (Rs.)

Student Greater Hyderabad Bus Pass (Monthly/Quarterly)

Specifically designed for students navigating through Hyderabad, this pass offers discounted rates for monthly or quarterly travel. Additional charges apply for travel beyond suburban limits, calculated per extra 2 km, providing comprehensive coverage for students residing on the outskirts of Hyderabad.

Districts – High School / College Student Bus Pass:

Tailored for high school and college students, this pass covers more extensive travel needs up to 35 km, with options for monthly or quarterly validity. It’s an ideal choice for students in districts who travel longer distances to educational institutions.

Sl. No.Distance in KMsMonthly Tariff (Rs.)Quarterly Tariff (Rs.)

Exclusive Trips to Special Schools/Colleges

Recognizing the unique needs of special schools and colleges, TSRTC offers dedicated bus services when there are at least 65 students enrolled. This service ensures that students from both urban and rural settings can access specialized education without the barrier of transportation.

Application Process and Counter Timings

Applying for any TSRTC bus pass can be done online through the official TSRTC website at www.online.tsrtcpass.in, or by visiting bus pass counters. It is advisable to check the latest counter timings and any specific documentation required by visiting the official website or contacting TSRTC customer service.


The TSRTC bus passes for 2024 are structured to support the diverse needs of students across Telangana. By providing an array of options that consider financial, geographic, and demographic factors, TSRTC ensures that education is accessible to every student, regardless of their location or economic background. Whether applying online or in person, acquiring a bus pass is streamlined to keep the process as user-friendly as possible

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