What is Air India Express’ ‘Time to Travel’ promotion and How to avail it?

Air India Express Time to Travel promotion
Air India Express Time to Travel promotion

Air India Express has unveiled an enticing opportunity for travel enthusiasts through its latest promotional offer, ‘Time to Travel.’ This initiative is designed to make air travel more accessible and affordable for passengers across domestic flight routes within India. The promotion promises attractive fares, starting at an astonishingly low price of Rs 1,799, opening doors to explore various destinations.

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Understanding the Air India Express ‘Time to Travel’ Promotion

This limited-time offer by Air India Express is set to run from January 11, 2024, to January 11, 2025, catering to travelers seeking economical yet comfortable travel experiences. The discounted fares are applicable to select itineraries covering popular routes such as Bengaluru-Chennai, Delhi-Jaipur, Bengaluru-Kochi, Delhi-Gwalior, and Kolkata-Bagdogra. Moreover, the promotional sale extends across the entirety of Air India Express’ flight network, providing tempting bargains and opportunities for budget-conscious travelers.

How to Avail the Air India Express’ ‘Time to Travel’ promotion

Availing the ‘Time to Travel’ promotion is a straightforward process, ensuring a hassle-free experience for passengers eager to capitalize on this exclusive offer:

Step 1: Booking Period

The promotional fares are available for reservations made within the specified booking period—between January 11, 2024, and January 11, 2025.

Step 2: Choosing Eligible Routes

Passengers can explore and select their preferred domestic routes covered under this promotion, which includes several major cities and in-demand travel connections.

Step 3: Booking Channels

Reservations can be made through various channels, including the Air India Express website, mobile app, or other authorized booking platforms.

Step 4: Secure Your Reservation

Once you’ve chosen your preferred route and travel dates, proceed with securing your reservation by following the prompts on the booking platform.

Step 5: Benefit from Discounted Fares

Enjoy the reduced fares starting at Rs 1,799, allowing you to embark on your journey while enjoying significant savings.

Exploring Additional Offerings and Customization

In addition to the remarkable fares, Air India Express has introduced a revamped brand identity that emphasizes passenger-centric experiences. Travelers are encouraged to ‘Fly as You Are’ with digitally empowered customization options. These options include a wide array of Gourmair hot meals, comfortable seating choices, an in-flight entertainment system called AirFlix, and exclusive loyalty perks.

Special Benefits for Various Customer Segments

Air India Express values its customers’ diversity and offers special benefits to loyalty program members, students, senior citizens, SMEs, dependents, and armed forces personnel. These groups can access discounted fares via the airline’s app and website, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to benefit from this promotional offer.


Air India Express’ ‘Time to Travel’ promotion not only provides cost-effective travel options but also focuses on enhancing the overall flying experience. By embracing digital advancements and prioritizing passenger satisfaction, the airline ensures a personalized and comfortable journey for every traveler.

Seize the opportunity to explore your favorite destinations at unbeatable prices and experience the convenience and affordability that Air India Express’ ‘Time to Travel’ promotion offers!

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