Titan Co Picks Three CEO Candidates: Who Will Be the 4th CEO of Titan?

Who Will Be the 4th CEO of Titan
Who Will Be the 4th CEO of Titan

As Titan Company Limited, a celebrated subsidiary of the Tata Group, approaches a pivotal moment in its history, the corporate corridors are buzzing with discussions about the upcoming leadership transition. The company is preparing for a significant shift as it seeks to appoint its fourth CEO in 40 years. This change comes at a time when businesses globally are re-evaluating their leadership strategies to better navigate the rapidly evolving market dynamics.

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The Current Scenario:

C K Venkataraman, who assumed the position of CEO on October 1, 2019, has been granted an extension for a second term spanning 14 months until December 2025. However, as he approaches the group’s retirement age of 65 next year, Titan finds itself at a pivotal moment of transition. Venkataraman will oversee the transition process before stepping down from his role, leaving behind a legacy of growth and success during his tenure.

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The Contenders

As Venkataraman prepares to pass the baton, Titan Company has not cast its net far and wide but instead looks within, identifying three seasoned executives from its own ranks as potential successors. Each candidate brings a unique set of skills and experiences to the table, making the upcoming selection process both exciting and crucial for Titan’s future. Here’s a closer look at the candidates:

Ajoy Chawla – The Jewel in the Crown

Ajoy Chawla, the CEO of Titan’s jewellery business, is one of the strong contenders. Under his leadership, the jewellery division has flourished, contributing significantly to the company’s revenue with innovative designs and marketing strategies. His deep understanding of luxury and consumer behavior could be pivotal in navigating the company through the competitive luxury market.

Suparna Mitra – Master of Time and Tech

Suparna Mitra, who leads the watches and wearables division, represents the technological forefront of Titan’s business. Mitra’s division has been instrumental in integrating smart technology with traditional watchmaking, appealing to a tech-savvy generation and expanding the brand’s demographic reach.

Saumen Bhaumik – The Visionary

As the CEO of the eyecare division, Saumen Bhaumik has been credited with expanding Titan’s footprint in the optical industry. His focus on customer-centric innovations and service expansion has fortified the brand’s presence in a highly competitive sector.

The Selection Process

The 13-member board of Titan will conduct a rigorous evaluation of these candidates over the next few months. The selection process is expected to be thorough, with a keen focus on strategic vision, leadership qualities, and the ability to drive growth in challenging market conditions.


Whoever is chosen as the next CEO will face the dual task of maintaining the legacy of innovation and adaptability that Titan is known for, while also steering the company towards new business frontiers. This transition comes at a time when Titan is also exploring new partnerships and business areas, such as its potential collaboration with Apple and the Murugappa Group to produce components for iPhone cameras.

As Titan Company Limited embarks on its quest to appoint its fourth CEO, the stakes are high, and the scrutiny is intense. With three highly qualified contenders vying for the position, the decision rests in the hands of the company’s board, who are tasked with selecting a leader capable of guiding Titan through its next phase of evolution. As the search unfolds, all eyes are on Titan as the question remains: Who will be the fourth CEO of Titan?

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