Gaura Devi Kanya Dhan Yojana 2024: Eligibility, Benefits, Application Form

Gaura Devi Kanya Dhan Yojana
Gaura Devi Kanya Dhan Yojana

The Gaura Devi Kanya Dhan Yojana 2024 represents a significant stride towards gender equality and empowerment in Uttarakhand, offering financial assistance to underprivileged girls. This initiative is designed to encourage continued education and provide financial support for future personal endeavours, contributing positively to the socioeconomic fabric of the state.

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Uttarakhand Gaura Devi Girls Fund Scheme 2024

Named after the renowned environmentalist Gaura Devi, this scheme supports girls from economically weaker sections to pursue higher education and prepare for future financial responsibilities, including marriage, thus promoting educational attainment and reducing financial burdens.

Information about Gaura Devi Kanya Dhan Yojana

The scheme offers a grant of Rs 50,000 to girls completing their 12th grade, aiming to support their transition into higher education or to assist with early life financial needs. This grant is intended to cover significant expenses that might otherwise deter these young women from achieving their educational goals.

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Amount of Assistance under the Scheme

Steps to Access Financial Assistance:

  1. Eligibility Confirmation: Ensure the girl is enrolled in the 12th grade in a recognized institution.
  2. Application Submission: Complete and submit the application form before the deadline.
  3. Verification Process: Undergo a verification process by the concerned authorities.
  4. Disbursement: Upon successful completion of the 12th grade, the funds are transferred directly to the beneficiary’s bank account.

Gaura Devi Kanya Dhan Yojana Statistics

To date, the program has registered significant numbers, with 2,686 schools participating and 32,870 applications processed. This widespread acceptance underscores the critical need for such financial interventions in the state’s educational landscape.

Purpose of Uttarakhand Nanda Gaura Devi Kanya Dhan Yojana 2024

The dual aim of the scheme is to deter early marriages by financially empowering girls and supporting their educational endeavours, thereby addressing significant social issues such as child marriages and female feticide through economic empowerment.

Category-wise Details of Applicants Received

The scheme details the applicant distribution across various social categories, reflecting targeted support to those most in need, including SC, ST, and OBC communities, ensuring that aid reaches diverse socio-economic segments.

District-wise List of Applicants Received

Steps to Access District-wise Data:

  1. Visit the Official Website: Navigate to the statistics or reports section.
  2. Select District-wise Report: Choose the report type to view detailed statistics on applicants per district.
  3. Analyze the Data: Use the data for planning further educational outreach programs.

Grant Distribution Information (Category-wise)

Steps for Grant Allocation:

  1. Category Selection: Identify the beneficiary category based on the application.
  2. Fund Allocation: Allocate funds proportionally based on the number of approved applications in each category.
  3. Monitor and Adjust: Continuously monitor the distribution and adjust allocations to ensure equitable distribution among categories.

Features of Gaura Devi Kanya Dhan Yojana

Since its launch in 2017, the scheme has facilitated the reduction of dropout rates among secondary school girls and provided a platform for continued education, thereby transforming the educational landscape for girls in Uttarakhand.

Benefits of Uttarakhand Gaura Devi Kanya Dhan Scheme

This scheme benefits not only the individual recipients but also their families and communities by enabling higher educational achievements and supporting financial stability through strategic financial aid.

Eligibility for Uttarakhand Nanda Gaura Devi Kanya Dhan Yojana 2024

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Residency: Must be a permanent resident of Uttarakhand.
  • Educational Level: Must be a student in 12th grade at a recognized school.
  • Age and Marital Status: Must be unmarried and under 25 years of age.
  • Economic Status: Must belong to SC, ST, BPL, or EWS categories.

Uttarakhand Nanda Gaura Devi Kanya Dhan Yojana Required Documents

Required Documents for Application:

  • Aadhar card
  • Caste certificate
  • BPL card
  • Family register copy
  • High school mark sheet
  • Voter ID
  • School enrollment number/roll number
  • Mobile number
  • Passport size photo

Download Gaura Devi Kanya Dhan Yojana Application Form

Steps to Download the Application Form:

  1. Visit the Official Website: Navigate to the application form section.
  2. Download the Form: Click on the link to download the PDF format of the application form.
  3. Print and Fill: Print the form and fill in the required details accurately.

Process to Login on the Portal

Login Steps:

  1. Access the Website: Open the official website.
  2. User Login: Click on the ‘Login’ button and enter your user ID, password, and captcha.
  3. Navigate the Portal: Access various features and track the application status after logging in.

Process to Know the Current Status of Applications

Steps to Check Application Status:

  1. Log in to the Portal: Use your credentials to access your dashboard.
  2. Application Status: Navigate to the application status section and enter your application number.
  3. View Status: Check the detailed status of your application.

How to See the List of Registered Schools?

Steps to View Registered Schools:

  1. Official Website: Visit the scheme’s website.
  2. Schools Section: Select the option to view registered schools.
  3. Select District: Choose your district to view the list of registered schools within the district.

The process to Register a School

School Registration Steps:

  1. Access the Registration Form: Go to the scheme’s website and locate the school registration section.
  2. Fill in Details: Enter all required details about the school, including name, district, and contact information.
  3. Submit and Confirm: Submit the registration form and wait for confirmation.

Process to Get Information Related to Student Eligibility

Steps to Access Eligibility Information:

  1. Visit the Eligibility Section: On the website, navigate to the eligibility criteria section.
  2. Download PDF: Download the PDF file detailing eligibility requirements.
  3. Review Requirements: Carefully review the eligibility criteria to ensure compliance before applying.

Process to Submit Your Suggestion

Steps to Provide Feedback:

  1. Feedback Section: Go to the feedback or suggestion section on the portal.
  2. Enter Details: Provide your name, email, and your suggestion.
  3. Submit: Click submit to send your feedback to the scheme administrators.

The Process to View the Report

Steps to View Reports:

  1. Access the Report Section: Navigate to the Reports section on the official website.
  2. Select Report Type: Choose the type of report you wish to view.
  3. Review the Information: Analyze the data presented in the report for better understanding.

The Process to View Contact Details

Steps to Access Contact Information:

  1. Contact Section: Visit the contact section on the website.
  2. View Details: Look for relevant contact details such as phone numbers and email addresses.
  3. Initiate Contact: Use the provided information to make inquiries or seek assistance.

The Gaura Devi Kanya Dhan Yojana 2024 is more than just a financial assistance program; it is a comprehensive initiative aimed at empowering young women through education, thereby fostering a stronger and more equitable society in Uttarakhand.

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