What is Google Pay Soundpod? How to Order & Use It?

Google Pay Soundpod
Google Pay Soundpod

In the evolving landscape of digital payments in India, Google Pay has made a significant announcement that is set to change how merchants receive payment notifications. With the introduction of the Google Pay Soundpod, a new era of convenience and efficiency is ushered in for businesses across the nation. This article delves into the essence of Google Pay Soundpod, detailing its pricing, ordering process, and usage guidelines.

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What is Google Pay Soundpod?

Google Pay Soundpod is an innovative service designed to provide merchants with real-time audio notifications of QR code payments. This service is particularly crucial in today’s fast-paced business environment where instant confirmation of transactions can enhance customer trust and streamline operations. The Soundpod service is delivered through a dedicated speaker device, which alerts merchants the moment a payment is received via a QR code, mirroring the functionality of Paytm’s Soundbox.

Originally launched on a limited pilot basis in India last year, Google Pay’s Soundpod comes at a pivotal moment, especially with the Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) recent directive to Paytm Payments Bank Limited (PPBL), creating a new opportunity for Google Pay to widen its merchant base.

What is the Price of Google Pay Soundpod?

Understanding the cost implications is crucial for merchants considering the Google Pay Soundpod service. Google Pay offers two subscription models for merchants:

  • Daily Plan: This plan requires a one-time fee of ₹499, followed by a daily charge of ₹5. It’s designed for merchants who prefer a short-term commitment with the flexibility of daily payments.
  • Yearly Plan: For a more extended commitment, the yearly plan costs ₹1,499, allowing merchants to save ₹500 for a year compared to the daily plan.

Both plans come with added incentives, including cashback for merchants who hit the threshold of 400 payments in a month via GPay QR codes.

How to Order GPay Soundpod?

Ordering a Google Pay Soundpod is a straightforward process designed with the ease of merchants in mind. To initiate the service, merchants are required to:

  1. Open the Google Pay for Business app on their smartphone.
  2. Start the subscription process by choosing between the daily or yearly plan.
  3. Activate the daily settlement feature.
  4. Select a payment profile suitable for their business.
  5. Complete the setup by configuring the SoundPod device as per the instructions provided.

This process ensures that merchants can quickly start benefiting from the audio notification service without significant downtime.

How to Use the GPay Soundpod?

Once the subscription is active, using the Google Pay Soundpod is intuitive. The device setup involves a few simple steps:

  • Powering On: Press and hold the Power key for 3 seconds to turn on the device. A green LED light will indicate the device is on and connected, showing network strength with 4G connectivity.
  • Voice Prompts: Upon successful connection, the device will announce, “Welcome to SoundPod by Google Pay” and “Network Connected,” confirming it is ready for use.
  • Transaction Notifications: The device will immediately start notifying merchants of successful transactions via QR codes, ensuring they are always up-to-date with their payments.

The SoundPod device features four keys for operation: Power, Volume Up/Down, and Menu. The Menu key allows merchants to access transaction history, OTP, terminal ID, and firmware version.

Reviewing Transactions and Invoices

Merchants can review their transaction details and download invoices for SoundPod services directly through the Google Pay for Business app. This feature enables businesses to keep a detailed record of their transactions and service fees, further simplifying their financial management.


The Google Pay Soundpod represents a leap forward in the digital payment ecosystem for merchants in India. Its introduction not only simplifies the transaction confirmation process but also enhances the overall payment experience for both merchants and customers. By following the outlined steps to order and use the Soundpod, merchants can leverage this technology to improve their business operations and customer satisfaction.

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