Lok Sabha 2024 Elections: How to File Nomination for Contesting Polls?

How to File Nomination for Contesting Loksabha Polls
How to File Nomination for Contesting Loksabha Polls

As the Lok Sabha 2024 elections approach, the political atmosphere in India is charged with anticipation and activity. For those aspiring to shape the future of the world’s largest democracy, understanding the nomination process is the first step toward contesting the polls. This article breaks down the essential details of the nomination process, including election phases, eligibility criteria, and the submission of nomination forms, both online and offline.

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2024 Loksabha Election Phases and Dates

The 2024 Lok Sabha elections are set to unfold in seven phases, starting from April 19 and culminating on June 1. This staggered approach ensures a smooth electoral process across the vast geographical and demographic landscape of India.

When Does the Nomination Process Start?

The nomination process begins immediately after the Election Commission of India (ECI) publishes a gazette notification for each election phase. This official announcement triggers the start of the nomination period, signaling candidates to prepare their documentation for submission.

Eligibility Criteria for Contesting Lok Sabha Elections

To be eligible to contest in the Lok Sabha elections, candidates must be:

  • An Indian citizen.
  • At least 25 years old.
  • Registered as a voter in the current electoral roll.

Additional qualifications and disqualifications can be found in the detailed handbook provided by the ECI for candidates.

How and Where to Submit Election Nomination Forms Offline

Candidates can submit their filled-in nomination forms to the concerned Returning Officer and the Chief Electoral Officer by no later than 3 pm on the last date for making nominations. The Returning Officer, designated by the ECI, oversees the election in a constituency and is responsible for the acceptance of nomination papers.

How to Submit the Nomination Online

The advent of technology has simplified the nomination process. Candidates can file their nomination forms online through the Suvidha Candidate App, available on both Android and iOS platforms. After completing the online submission, a printout of the form must be taken, notarized, and submitted in person to the Returning Officer along with the necessary documents.

Basic Requirments for Filing the Nominations

Affidavit Submission

An essential part of the nomination is the affidavit (Form 26), which includes:

  • Criminal antecedents, if any.
  • PAN details and income tax return status.
  • Assets and liabilities of the candidate, their spouse, and dependents.
  • Professional or occupational details.
  • Highest educational qualification.

This comprehensive affidavit ensures transparency regarding the candidates’ backgrounds.

Oath Requirement

Candidates are required to make an oath or affirmation in the prescribed format, according to the Third Schedule of the Constitution, before the Returning Officer, Assistant Returning Officer, or an authorized person by the ECI. This oath must be made after filing the nomination paper and before the scrutiny of the nomination.

Security Deposit

A security deposit of ₹25,000 is required from all candidates, with a reduced amount of ₹12,500 for candidates from scheduled castes or scheduled tribes. This deposit is part of the formal nomination process, and candidates may need to provide documentary proof of their SC/ST status.

Online Candidate Affidavit Portal

The ECI provides an online candidate affidavit portal, making candidates’ profiles, photos, and affidavits accessible to the public. This transparency allows voters to make informed choices.

The Lok Sabha 2024 elections promise to be a pivotal moment in India’s democratic journey. For aspiring candidates, understanding and adhering to the nomination process is the first step toward contributing to this significant event. Whether submitting nominations online or offline, it’s crucial to comply with all requirements to ensure a smooth and successful candidacy

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