Nirogi Haryana Yojana: Benefits, Eligibility, Beneficiaries, Objectives

Nirogi Haryana Yojana
Nirogi Haryana Yojana

In an ambitious move to bolster the healthcare framework within the state, the Haryana Government, under the stewardship of Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar, has launched the Nirogi Haryana Yojana. This comprehensive health initiative is designed to provide free health check-ups and necessary treatments to the citizens of Haryana, aiming to improve overall public health outcomes. This article delves into the various aspects of the scheme including its objectives, beneficiaries, health services, implementation strategies, benefits, eligibility criteria, infrastructure support, and the management of digital records.

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Nirogi Haryana Yojana Objectives

The primary objective of the Nirogi Haryana Yojana is to ensure that every citizen of Haryana has access to free health check-ups. The scheme’s broader aim is to facilitate early detection of diseases, which can significantly improve treatment outcomes and reduce healthcare costs by avoiding expensive medical procedures later. By making healthcare accessible and free, the state government aims to improve life expectancy and quality of life across the state.

Nirogi Haryana Yojana Beneficiaries

All citizens of Haryana are eligible to benefit from this scheme, with a particular focus on the economically weaker sections. In the first phase, the scheme targets approximately 98.13 lakh individuals from 24.75 lakh Antyodaya families, providing them with comprehensive free health services. This approach ensures that no individual, particularly from the underprivileged sections, is deprived of essential healthcare services due to financial constraints.

Nirogi Haryana Yojana Health Services

Under the Nirogi Haryana Yojana, a wide array of health services is offered, including general physical examinations measuring height, weight, pulse, and blood pressure, alongside specific checks for dental and eye health. The scheme includes more than 25 types of lab tests, designed according to different age groups to ensure appropriate healthcare interventions. Additional specialized tests recommended by doctors are also covered under the scheme.

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How will Nirogi Haryana Yojana be Implemented?

The implementation of the Nirogi Haryana Yojana is divided into six age-specific categories, ensuring that the health checks and treatments are age-appropriate and effectively address the likely health issues of each group. These categories range from infants to seniors over 80 years old, each receiving tailored health examinations and treatments.

Nirogi Haryana Yojana Benefits

The benefits of the Nirogi Haryana Yojana are manifold. By providing free health services, the scheme not only saves individuals’ time and money but also significantly reduces the necessity for frequent hospital visits. Early detection and timely treatment facilitated by the scheme can prevent severe health complications, thus improving the overall health standard of the population.

Nirogi Haryana Yojana Eligibility

Eligibility for the Nirogi Haryana Yojana is straightforward: all residents of Haryana can avail of the scheme, with an emphasis on comprehensive coverage for all age groups. Required documents for availing of the scheme include an Aadhar card, residence proof, passport-size photographs, and a mobile number to ensure every citizen can register and receive benefits without any hurdles.

Nirogi Haryana Yojana Infrastructure & Support

To effectively roll out the health services, the government has identified 32 medical institutions across the state that will conduct the health check-ups and treatments. Departments like Medical Education and Research, Ayush, Women and Child Welfare, Education, Panchayati Raj, and Urban Development and Housing are actively involved in supporting the scheme’s successful implementation.

Nirogi Haryana Yojana Digital Records

A significant aspect of the Nirogi Haryana Yojana is the maintenance of digital health records for all beneficiaries. This not only ensures the availability and accessibility of health data for better treatment but also aids in the efficient management of the healthcare services provided under the scheme.


The Nirogi Haryana Yojana is a revolutionary step towards making healthcare accessible, free, and efficient for all citizens of Haryana. With its well-defined objectives and carefully planned implementation, the scheme promises to transform the public health landscape of the state, making a healthy life a reality for every resident of Haryana

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