Telangana Praja Palana Scheme 2024: Eligibility, Documents, Application Process, Beneficiaries List

Telangana Praja Palana Scheme 2024
Telangana Praja Palana Scheme 2024

The Telangana Praja Palana Scheme, including the Abhaya Hastham and TS 6 Guarantee Scheme, is a comprehensive initiative launched by the Government of Telangana in 2024. Designed to streamline access to government services, this scheme ensures that the benefits of state initiatives directly reach the citizens without any intermediaries, promoting transparency and efficiency.

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Telangana Praja Palana Scheme

This innovative program is specifically structured to enhance the delivery of government services and ease the application processes for various welfare schemes under the government’s umbrella. By consolidating these services under one framework, the Praja Palana Scheme aims to be a one-stop solution for eligible residents of Telangana, ensuring that all citizens, especially the vulnerable and economically weaker sections, can benefit from government support with ease.

Praja Palana TS 6 Guarantee Scheme Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility for the Praja Palana Scheme is determined by the following criteria:

  • Permanent Residency: Applicants must be permanent residents of Telangana, ensuring that the benefits are localized and impactful.
  • Age Criteria: The age requirement varies depending on the specific sub-scheme being applied for, reflecting the targeted demographic, such as seniors or youth.
  • Income Criteria: Income levels must align with the thresholds set for each sub-scheme, prioritizing low-income families and economically weaker sections.

Importance of Meeting Eligibility Criteria

Adhering to these eligibility criteria ensures that assistance is targeted effectively. It enables the government to allocate resources efficiently, ensuring that help reaches those who need it most, thus promoting equity and fairness in the distribution of state resources and benefits.

Benefits of the Telangana Praja Palana Scheme

The main advantages of participating in the Praja Palana Scheme include:

  • Ease of Access: Simplifies the process of applying for various government schemes.
  • Time and Cost Savings: Reduces the need to visit multiple offices, saving time and transportation costs.
  • Transparency: Minimizes corruption and delays by allowing direct application submissions without intermediaries.

Schemes Covered under the Scheme

The Praja Palana Scheme envelops several specific government initiatives such as:

  • Mahalaxmi Scheme
  • Rythu Bharosa Scheme
  • Cheytha Scheme
  • Gruha Jyothi Scheme
  • Indriyamma Indlu Scheme

Each of these schemes addresses different facets of social and economic welfare, catering to varied sections of the population from farmers to households and senior citizens.

Praja Palana Scheme Required Documents

To apply for the Praja Palana Scheme, the following documents are necessary:

  • Aadhar Card
  • Residence Certificate
  • Passport Size Photograph
  • Mobile Number and Email ID
  • Bank Account Details

These documents serve to verify the identity and residency of the applicants and facilitate effective communication and transaction of benefits.

Praja Palana Important Dates

  • Starting Date for Applications: December 28, 2023
  • Last Date for Applications: January 6, 2024

These dates mark the official window during which applications will be accepted for the current year, underscoring the urgency for potential applicants to prepare and submit their applications promptly.

Praja Palana Scheme Application Process

The application process for the Praja Palana Scheme is streamlined for accessibility:

  1. Downloading the Application Form: Applicants must visit the official website, locate, and download the relevant form either in Telugu or English.
  2. Filling Out the Form: Complete the form with accurate personal details and specific scheme information.
  3. Attaching Required Documents: Attach all necessary documents, ensuring they are clear and complete.
  4. Submission of the Application: Submit the filled form along with the attached documents at designated submission centres across Hyderabad.


The Telangana Praja Palana Scheme 2024 stands as a beacon of proactive governance, aiming to bridge the gap between the state’s resources and its residents’ needs. By adhering to the eligibility criteria, preparing the required documents, and following the detailed application process, eligible residents of Telangana can leverage this scheme to enhance their quality of life and gain easier access to the benefits designed for their welfare.

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