Which Company has Constructed Sudarshan Setu?

Which Company has Constructed Sudarshan Setu
Which Company has Constructed Sudarshan Setu

The inauguration of the ‘Sudarshan Setu,’ the longest cable-stayed bridge in the country, marks a significant milestone in the infrastructure development of Gujarat. As Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled the bridge during his visit to the state, there’s a buzz about the company behind the construction of this engineering marvel.

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Which Company has Constructed Sudarshan Setu?

The Sudarshan Setu has been constructed by SP Singla Construction Pvt Ltd, a reputable company known for its expertise in infrastructure projects. With their dedication to quality and innovation, SP Singla Construction Pvt Ltd has delivered an outstanding achievement in the construction of the Sudarshan Setu.

Length and Structure of Sudarshan Setu:

Spanning a length of 2.32 kilometers, the Sudarshan Setu connects Beyt Dwarka island to mainland Okha in Gujarat’s Devbhumi Dwarka district. The bridge boasts a unique design, featuring a central double-span cable-stayed portion stretching 900 meters, complemented by a 2.45-kilometer-long approach road.

Construction Cost of Sudarshan Setu:

The construction of the Sudarshan Setu, including the bridge and approach road, has incurred a cost of Rs 979 crore. This investment underscores the commitment to enhancing connectivity and infrastructure in the region, facilitating smoother transportation and bolstering economic growth.

Design Features:

Beyond its sheer length and structural complexity, the Sudarshan Setu stands out for its thoughtful design features. The footpath along the bridge is adorned with verses from the Bhagavad Gita and images of Lord Krishna, reflecting the cultural significance of the region. Moreover, the incorporation of solar panels on the upper portions of the footpath highlights a commitment to sustainability, generating one megawatt of electricity.

Impact of Connectivity between Beyt Dwarka and Okha:

The completion of the Sudarshan Setu heralds a new era of connectivity between Beyt Dwarka and Okha, offering immense benefits to the region. Previously, devotees visiting the revered Dwarkadhish temple on Beyt Dwarka island could only travel during the day by boat. However, with the bridge in place, round-the-clock access is now possible, facilitating pilgrimage and tourism. Additionally, improved connectivity is expected to catalyze socio-economic development, enabling smoother movement of goods and people between the island and the mainland.

In conclusion, the construction of the Sudarshan Setu by SP Singla Construction Pvt Ltd represents a remarkable achievement in infrastructure development, promising enhanced connectivity, cultural preservation, and sustainable progress for the region.

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