Ashima Mehra News: Who is the New CEO of FCB India?

Ashima Mehra - New CEO of FCB India
Ashima Mehra – New CEO of FCB India

In the bustling world of advertising, a fresh chapter begins as FCB India welcomes Ashima Mehra as its new Chief Executive Officer. This exciting announcement places Ashima at the helm of one of the key players in the global FCB Group’s network across India.

Ashima isn’t just stepping into a new role; she’s bringing a wealth of experience and a sprinkle of fresh ideas to the table. With over two decades in the advertising arena, she’s crafted an impressive career that weaves through creative innovation and strategic mastery. Before her new gig at FCB India, Ashima made significant strides at Leo Burnett India, where she played a vital role in pushing the company toward expansive growth and a stronger market footprint.

Let’s dive deeper into what makes Ashima the perfect fit for FCB India and how her leadership is poised to ignite a new era of creativity and success within the agency.

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Ashima Mehra’s Professional Background

Ashima Mehra is an accomplished figure in the advertising world, boasting over two decades of extensive experience in the field. Her career is decorated with substantial roles that span across creative positions and strategic account management. Ashima’s unique skill set combines deep-seated creativity with strategic insight, making her an ideal leader for an innovative agency like FCB India.

Before joining FCB India, Ashima held a notable position at Leo Burnett India, where she served as an Executive Director. During her tenure, she played a crucial role in steering the company towards significant business expansion and an enhanced market presence. Her leadership was instrumental in not just achieving business goals but also in elevating the company’s stature within the industry.

Ashima’s career also includes impactful stints with major companies such as Reckitt and Godfrey Philips. Her experience at these companies has equipped her with a profound understanding of both the creative and commercial aspects of the advertising industry, further complementing her leadership capabilities.

Role and Vision at FCB India

As the new CEO of FCB India, Ashima Mehra is set to oversee the agency’s overall operations, driving business growth and maintaining robust client relationships. One of her primary responsibilities will be to foster a culture of creativity and innovation—a cornerstone for success in the dynamic field of advertising.

In a statement regarding her new role, Ashima expressed enthusiasm about leading FCB India towards new horizons. “I am thrilled to join FCB India and look forward to working with the talented team here. Our focus will be on driving innovation and creativity to deliver impactful solutions for our clients,” said Mehra.

The appointment of a seasoned professional like Ashima Mehra as CEO is expected to bring a fresh perspective and renewed energy to FCB India. It underscores the agency’s commitment to excellence and its dedication to being at the forefront of the advertising sector in India.

Industry experts believe that Ashima’s visionary leadership and her comprehensive experience in both creative and strategic roles will significantly contribute to FCB India’s growth trajectory. Her proven track record of fostering strong client relationships and her ability to manage and inspire creative teams are seen as key assets that will enhance the agency’s operations and service offerings.


Ashima Mehra’s appointment as the CEO of FCB India is a testament to her impressive career and expertise in the advertising industry. With her at the helm, FCB India is poised to enhance its market position and set new benchmarks in creativity and client engagement. The advertising community and FCB India’s clientele eagerly anticipate the innovative approaches and strategic initiatives that Ashima will bring to the agency

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