List of Navi Mutual Funds that have Changed Names of Their Hybrid Schemes

Navi Mutual Funds
Navi Mutual Funds

Navi Mutual Fund, a prominent player in the financial market, recently announced significant alterations in the names of two of its hybrid schemes, impacting their identification for investors. This move, effective from January 1, reflects the fund’s commitment to compliance and clarity in scheme categorization.

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List of Navi Mutual Funds that have Changed Names of Their Hybrid Schemes

Old NameNew/Renamed Name
Navi Regular Savings FundNavi Conservative Hybrid Fund
Navi Equity Hybrid FundNavi Aggressive Hybrid Fund

What are the Reasons for Changing the Name of Navi Mutual Funds?

The rationale behind these name changes lies in aligning with the guidelines set forth by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). As per clause 2.6 of SEBI’s Master Circular dated May 19, 2023, schemes must bear names that aptly represent their respective categories. The purpose is to facilitate easy recognition and comprehension for investors, ensuring transparency and informed decision-making.

By adhering to these regulations, Navi Mutual Fund aims to simplify the identification process for investors seeking specific types of hybrid schemes. The renaming strategy is a deliberate step towards enhancing clarity and transparency within the fund’s offerings.

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The alterations in scheme names by Navi Mutual Fund signify their proactive approach in conforming to regulatory norms while enhancing investor convenience. Despite the name modifications, the fundamental attributes, terms, and management of these schemes remain unchanged, ensuring continuity and stability for investors’ portfolios. These changes further reinforce Navi Mutual Fund’s commitment to facilitating a seamless investment experience while upholding regulatory compliance.

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