Who is the New Head of Global Airport Operations at Air India?

Jayaraj Shanmugam - Head of Global Airport Operations of Air India
Jayaraj Shanmugam – Head of Global Airport Operations of Air India

Air India, the Tata Group-owned flag carrier, has taken a significant step in its ambitious transformation journey by appointing Jayaraj Shanmugam as the Head of Global Airport Operations. Slated to assume his new role on April 15th, 2024, Shanmugam’s appointment is a testament to the airline’s commitment to enhancing its operational excellence and customer service on the global stage. Reporting directly to Chief Operations Officer, Klaus Goersch, Shanmugam is set to bring a wealth of experience and a proven track record to the table.

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Before joining Air India, Shanmugam made notable contributions as the Chief Operating Officer at Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL). His tenure at BIAL was marked by significant achievements, most notably the operationalization of the new Terminal 2. This feat not only demonstrated his capability in managing large-scale airport operations but also his commitment to enhancing customer experience through innovative service design and operational efficiency.

Shanmugam’s career spans over 25 years across various sectors, including the airline, airport, and telecom industries. Having held key positions at renowned organizations such as Singapore Airlines, Qatar Airways, and Jet Airways, he brings a broad perspective and deep expertise in the aviation industry. His extensive background is expected to be a vital asset in driving Air India’s global airport operations to new heights.

Upon announcing the appointment, Klaus Goersch expressed great confidence in Shanmugam’s abilities. “Jayaraj has distinctive expertise in driving excellence in customer experience and airport operations, redesigning and improving services,” Goersch stated. He emphasized that Shanmugam’s leadership would play a crucial role in significantly enhancing Air India’s airport operations and achieving milestones in the airline’s Vihaan.AI transformation journey.

The Vihaan.AI project is Air India’s blueprint for becoming a world-class airline, characterized by a distinctly Indian essence. Having recently completed the “taxi phase” of this journey, Air India has focused on addressing fundamental aspects of its operations. These efforts ranged from restoring long-grounded aircraft to service, accelerating talent acquisition, upgrading technological infrastructure, and boosting customer care initiatives. These foundational improvements are pivotal for the airline as it gears up for more ambitious phases of its transformation.

Jayaraj Shanmugam’s role as the Head of Global Airport Operations is pivotal in this context. His appointment signals Air India’s dedication to elevating its standards and redefining its presence in the global aviation industry. With Shanmugam at the helm of its airport operations, Air India is poised to enhance its operational efficiencies, customer service quality, and overall competitiveness on the international stage.

As Air India navigates through its transformation journey, the aviation community and passengers alike will be keenly watching the impact of Shanmugam’s leadership. With his comprehensive experience and strategic approach, Shanmugam is well-positioned to steer Air India towards achieving its vision of operational excellence and service superiority, marking a new chapter in the airline’s storied history

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