Aadhaar Locking: How to Lock/Unlock your UID?

Aadhaar Locking
Aadhaar Locking

In an age where data security and privacy are paramount concerns, the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has introduced an innovative solution to enhance the protection of Aadhaar numbers – Aadhaar locking. This feature not only empowers individuals with greater control over their data but also ensures a higher level of security for their sensitive information.

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Aadhaar Locking: How to Lock Your UID?

Aadhaar locking is a straightforward process designed to safeguard your Unique Identification Number (UID). To initiate the locking procedure, individuals need a 16-digit Virtual ID (VID). If they don’t possess a VID, obtaining one is simple and can be done through SMS or the UIDAI website (www.myaadhaar.uidai.gov.in).

To lock your UID via SMS, send a message in the format “GVID space last 4 or 8 digits of UID” to 1947 (e.g., GVID 1234). Alternatively, one can visit the UIDAI website, navigate to the “Aadhaar Lock & Unlock services” on the My Aadhaar page, select the UID Lock option, input the UID number, full name, pin code, and security code, and proceed to send OTP or select TOTP. Once the verification is complete, your UID will be successfully locked.

Aadhaar Unlocking: How to Unlock Your UID?

Unlocking your UID is a seamless process that allows you to regain access to your Aadhaar number when needed. To unlock, individuals can use the most recent VID on the UIDAI website or the mAadhaar app. Alternatively, an individual can send an SMS in the format “RVID space last 4 or 8 digits of UID” to 1947 (e.g., RVID 1234). The UIDAI website also provides an option to unlock – select the “Unlock” radio button, enter the latest VID, and security code, and click on send OTP or select TOTP. After successful verification, your UID will be unlocked, restoring access to authentication methods.

What if Someone Forgets Their VID and Wants to Lock UID?

Even if someone forgets their VID after locking their UID, UIDAI has a solution in place. To retrieve the 16-digit VID, send an SMS to 1947 from the Aadhaar registered mobile number. Use the format “RVID space last 4 or 8 digits of UID” (e.g., RVID 1234). The VID will be promptly sent to the registered mobile number, allowing the individual to proceed with the locking process.


Aadhaar locking is a vital feature provided by UIDAI to fortify the security of Aadhaar numbers and empower individuals with control over their data. Whether locking or unlocking, the process is user-friendly, offering multiple options through SMS, the UIDAI website, and the mAadhaar app. Additionally, the system accommodates users who may forget their VID after locking, ensuring a comprehensive and secure experience for all Aadhaar holders.

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