Best Paytm Alternatives: Who Will Win Big After Paytm Payment Bank Crisis?

Best Paytm Alternatives
Best Paytm Alternatives

The recent crisis at Paytm Payments Bank, precipitated by the Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) stringent regulatory actions, has sent ripples through India’s burgeoning fintech ecosystem. With the RBI imposing restrictions on Paytm’s ability to accept new deposits and conduct other banking operations, consumers and merchants alike are on the lookout for reliable alternatives. This development has paved the way for other digital payment platforms to gain a larger market share. Here, we delve into the best Paytm alternatives that stand to win big in the wake of the Paytm Payment Bank crisis.

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Best Paytm Alternatives: PhonePe vs Google Pay vs BHIM Downloads (22nd Jan – 13th Feb 2024)

Below is a table summarizing the app downloads on Google Play Store from January 22 to February 13, 2024, showcasing the shifts in user preference amidst the Paytm Payments Bank crisis:

DatePaytm DownloadsPhonePe DownloadsGoogle Pay DownloadsBHIM Downloads
Jan 2292,428200,41178,92652,155
Jan 2394,344194,14279,95259,821
Jan 2495,358232,68681,38466,253
Jan 25111,516254,41285,27975,739
Jan 26102,219200,14682,29188,580
Jan 27100,291193,65686,582100,776
Jan 2897,577203,92485,024101,262
Jan 2989,793201,41879,923112,859
Jan 3095,610196,80279,377146,156
Jan 31135,139317,522105,296222,439
Feb 1128,666336,900107,250198,526
Feb 296,434350,46785,511169,060
Feb 379,130360,016107,030171,216
Feb 481,864389,257101,004185,385
Feb 573,829352,94493,483189,161
Feb 678,304379,37299,372223,467
Feb 781,858368,29198,064312,040
Feb 884,939323,537101,864382,687
Feb 978,126306,65996,579355,811
Feb 1083,652312,67395,182363,354
Feb 1178,457277,66991,082394,193
Feb 1277,388228,19886,705399,122
Feb 1366,506266,35494,962377,409

Best Paytm Alternatives: Who Is Winning Big After Paytm Payment Bank Crisis?

Following the Paytm Payments Bank crisis, PhonePe leads the race among digital payment platforms with a striking 6,447,456 downloads, showcasing its strong market presence. BHIM follows with an impressive 4,747,471 downloads, benefiting from its government backing and user trust. Google Pay also gained momentum, securing 2,102,122 downloads, while Paytm managed 2,103,428 downloads amidst the regulatory challenges. This shift indicates a significant realignment within India’s digital payments ecosystem, emphasizing the importance of consumer trust and regulatory compliance.

The total downloads for each app on the Google Play Store from January 22 to February 13, 2024, are as follows:

  • PhonePe: 6,447,456 downloads
  • BHIM: 4,747,471 downloads
  • Paytm: 2,103,428 downloads
  • Google Pay: 2,102,122 downloads

BHIM (Bharat Interface for Money)

BHIM has emerged as the biggest beneficiary of the Paytm crisis, with app downloads more than doubling from 10.26 lakh in the last ten days of January to 25.51 lakh in the first ten days of February following the RBI’s action. As a government-backed app, BHIM enjoys inherent trust and credibility among users, making it a preferred choice for many looking for secure and reliable digital payment solutions.


PhonePe, another major player in the Indian digital payments space, has also seen a significant uptick in user engagement and app downloads. The platform witnessed its app downloads increase from 21.95 lakhs in the latter part of January to 34.80 lakhs in the early days of February. Its user-friendly interface, wide range of services, and robust security measures have made it a popular alternative for former Paytm users.

Google Pay

Google Pay has also benefited from the situation, with an increase in app downloads from 8.44 lakh to 9.85 lakh in the same timeframe. Leveraging its global brand reputation and integrating innovative features like near-field communication (NFC) payments, Google Pay offers a compelling option for users seeking convenience and security.


Focusing on merchants and small businesses, BharatPe reported a 100% increase in merchant sign-ups in the first week of February compared to January. The platform has capitalized on the Paytm crisis by attracting a significant number of merchants with its seamless sign-up process and attractive cashback offers.

Impact on the Fintech Ecosystem

The Paytm Payments Bank crisis has underscored the importance of regulatory compliance and the fragility of trust in the digital payments ecosystem. As users and merchants migrate to alternative platforms, the competitive landscape of the Indian fintech ecosystem is poised for a reshuffle. Platforms that prioritize user experience, security, and regulatory compliance are likely to emerge as long-term winners.

Looking Ahead

While the immediate aftermath of the Paytm crisis has benefitted platforms like BHIM, PhonePe, Google Pay, and BharatPe, the long-term implications for the digital payments ecosystem in India will depend on how these platforms leverage their newfound user base. Enhancing features, improving security protocols, and maintaining regulatory compliance will be key to retaining users and sustaining growth.

Moreover, the RBI’s actions serve as a reminder for all fintech players about the importance of adhering to regulatory standards and maintaining transparent operations. As the digital payments space in India continues to evolve, consumer preferences and regulatory landscapes will shape the future trajectory of these platforms.

In conclusion, the Paytm Payments Bank crisis has opened up opportunities for other digital payment platforms to expand their user base and solidify their market presence. As the ecosystem adjusts to these shifts, consumers stand to benefit from enhanced services and greater choice in their digital payment options.

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