Gujarat Digital Seva Setu Yojana 2024: Registration, Implementation & Objectives

Gujarat Digital Seva Setu Yojana
Gujarat Digital Seva Setu Yojana

In the digital age, access to the internet and e-services is crucial for development and empowerment. Recognizing this, the Gujarat government launched the Gujarat Digital Seva Setu Yojana in 2020. This ambitious initiative seeks to bring state-of-the-art digital infrastructure to rural areas, ensuring that every citizen in Gujarat can access government services electronically, thereby reducing bureaucratic hurdles and improving the quality of life for residents.

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Gujarat Digital Seva Setu Yojana 2024

Initiated by the Chief Minister of Gujarat with support from the Prime Minister, this program aims to transform rural governance through digitalization. By connecting 3500 villages with a 100 MBPS optical fiber network by the end of 2020, the initiative marked a significant step towards digital inclusivity.

Gujarat Digital Seva Setu Yojana Details in Highlights

  • Scheme Name: Gujarat Digital Seva Setu Yojana
  • Launched By: Gujarat Government
  • Launch Date: October 8, 2020
  • Objective: To digitize government services and make them accessible to the rural population of Gujarat.
  • Mode: Online
  • Beneficiaries: All residents of Gujarat, with a focus on rural populations.
  • State: Gujarat
  • Official Website:

Objectives of Gujarat Digital Seva Setu Yojana

The core objective is to reduce the digital divide by providing every village in Gujarat with high-speed internet access. This connectivity allows for:

  • Immediate access to government services without physical travel.
  • Increased transparency in governmental processes.
  • Enhanced efficiency through digital submissions and processing of documents.

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Benefits of Gujarat Digital Seva Setu Yojana

The benefits of this program are widespread:

  • High-Speed Internet: Villages are equipped with high-speed broadband, enabling fast and reliable access to services.
  • Digital Services at Doorstep: Residents can access over 55 government services from their local e-gram panchayat offices.
  • No Middlemen: Eliminates the need for intermediaries, reducing corruption and ensuring direct benefits to the users.
  • Digital Lockers: Secure storage and easy access to important documents and certificates via digital lockers, accessible through mobile devices.
  • Enhanced Convenience: Reduces the need to visit distant government offices, saving time and resources for the rural populace.

Implementation of Digital Seva Setu

Successful implementation hinges on several key strategies:

  • Infrastructure: Building a robust 100 MBPS fiber optic network to ensure widespread internet connectivity.
  • Digital Transformation: Moving from paper-based to digital forms and processes to streamline government interactions.
  • Local Access Points: Establishing service centers at e-gram panchayats where villagers can access and apply for services.

Services Offered

The scheme facilitates a range of services across multiple departments:

Agriculture and Co-operation Department

  • Krushi Sahay Package Yojana: Financial and technical assistance for farmers.

Food, Civil Supplies, and Consumer Affairs

  • Ration Card Services: Applications for new cards, changes, and updates to existing cards.

Health and Family Welfare Department

  • Vital Records: Registration and issuance of birth and death certificates.

Panchayats, Rural Housing and Rural Development Department

  • Certificates and Documents: Income certificates, residence proofs, and other essential documents.

Revenue Department

  • Property and Legal Documents: Access to property surveys, stamp duties, and other legal documents.

Social Justice and Empowerment Department

  • Minority and Caste Certificates: Issue of certificates for various social groups.

Women and Child Department

  • Support Schemes: Assistance programs for widows, destitute women, and families.

Registration Process of Gujarat Digital Seva Setu Yojana 2024

To register:

  1. Visit the official website.
  2. Navigate to the registration section and fill out the required details.
  3. Verify through OTP and complete the registration to access services.

Login at Gujarat Digital Seva Setu Portal

Post-registration, users can:

  • Log in to view and manage their services.
  • Download documents.
  • Update personal information.

How do I update my Gujarati Digital Seva Setu profile?

Steps to update:

  1. Log in and select the ‘My Profile’ tab.
  2. Edit details and save changes.

View GR/Order

To view governmental resolutions or orders:

  1. Navigate to the GR/Order section on the website.
  2. Select the relevant department and view documents.

View Dashboard

The dashboard provides a holistic view of the user’s interactions with various services, enabling efficient tracking and management.

Application Fee for Digital Seva Setu Yojana

While there is no charge for application forms, a nominal service fee of Rs. 20 is required for processing applications at e-gram panchayats.

The Gujarat Digital Seva Setu Yojana represents a significant leap towards making governance more responsive, transparent, and accessible, especially for rural populations, solidifying Gujarat’s position as a leader in digital governance in India.

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