How Many Shares Will Vedanta Shareholder Receive in Vedanta’s Demerger?

Vedanta Ltd., a prominent player in India’s corporate landscape, has recently made a significant decision that could reshape its corporate structure and unlock substantial value for its shareholders. The company’s board has approved a demerger plan, which will lead to the formation of six separate, independently listed entities. If you’re a shareholder of Vedanta Ltd., you might be wondering what this demerger means for you and what you can expect to receive as a result of this strategic move.

Vedanta’s Six Independent Listed Entities

Here are the six distinct companies that will emerge from Vedanta’s demerger:

  1. Vedanta Aluminium: This entity will retain the largest capacity in India, complete with captive power and an alumina refinery. Additionally, it will continue to manage coal and bauxite mines and include the 51 percent stake in BALCO.
  2. Vedanta Power: It will become one of India’s leading private-sector power generators, consolidating its position in the energy sector.
  3. Vedanta Base Metals: This company will boast a diversified portfolio of international base metal assets, encompassing locations in Tuticorin, Fujairah Gold, Silvassa, and VZL.
  4. Vedanta Oil & Gas: Focusing on the Cairn business, this entity is set to become India’s largest private sector crude oil producer.
  5. Vedanta Steel & Ferrous: As one of India’s premier private sector exporters of iron ore, it will manage assets such as Sesa Iron Ore, Sesa Coke, WCL (Liberia), and hold a 95.95 percent stake in Electrosteel Steel.
  6. Vedanta Ltd.: The currently listed entity will continue to house the manufacturing of LCD and Display glass, the semiconductor business, the stainless business, and the stake in Hindustan Zinc.

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Vedanta Demerger
Vedanta Demerger

How many shares will Vedanta Ltd. shareholders receive in each of the newly listed entities?

As a Vedanta Ltd. shareholder, here’s what you can expect to receive after the demerger:

For every one share you hold in the currently listed entity (Vedanta Ltd.), you will receive one share in each of the five newly listed entities. This means you will have ownership stakes in Vedanta Aluminium, Vedanta Power, Vedanta Base Metals, Vedanta Oil & Gas, and Vedanta Steel & Ferrous, in addition to retaining your shares in the existing Vedanta Ltd.

What is the main reason behind Vedanta’s decision to demerge its diversified businesses?

Vedanta’s demerger is a strategic move aimed at simplifying its corporate structure by creating sector-focused, independent businesses. This restructuring offers an exciting opportunity for various categories of investors, including sovereign wealth funds, retail investors, and strategic investors.

The decision is not only bold and ambitious but also comes at a crucial time for Vedanta as it faces substantial debt obligations in the upcoming years, particularly in FY25. By unlocking value and streamlining its operations, Vedanta aims to address its financial challenges effectively.

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What are the opinions of market experts on Vedanta’s demerger?

Market experts have expressed varied views on this demerger. While some, like Prakash Diwan, view it as a promising opportunity for value creation and debt management, others, such as Rakesh Arora, believe it may not provide significant benefits to retail shareholders.


The demerger of Vedanta’s diversified businesses marks a significant milestone in the company’s history. As a shareholder, you stand to gain ownership in multiple sector-specific entities, potentially diversifying your investment portfolio. However, the true impact of this demerger will depend on how well each of these entities performs in the market.

With this move, Vedanta aims to streamline its operations, unlock value for shareholders, and navigate its debt challenges. Shareholders should keep a close eye on developments and seek advice from financial experts to make informed decisions regarding their investments in Vedanta’s various entities. The demerger process, subject to approvals, is expected to be completed by FY25, and the market will be closely watching its progress.

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