How Did Sachin Tendulkar’s Investment in Azad Engineering Skyrocket?

How Did Sachin Tendulkar's Investment in Azad Engineering Skyrocket
How Did Sachin Tendulkar’s Investment in Azad Engineering Skyrocket

Azad Engineering, a renowned defense equipment manufacturer, recently made headlines with its stock market listing at a remarkable 37% premium to its issue price. What’s particularly intriguing about this successful launch is the involvement of distinguished sports personalities as investors. Among them, the legendary cricketer Sachin Tendulkar stands out with an investment that has seen extraordinary growth, captivating the attention of both investors and sports enthusiasts alike.

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How Did Sachin Tendulkar’s Investment in Azad Engineering Skyrocket?

Sachin Tendulkar’s association with Azad Engineering dates back to a strategic acquisition phase in March of a preceding year. At that time, Tendulkar secured 14,607 shares of the company at an average price of ₹3,423 per share. However, the true upward trajectory of his investment began with the company’s subsequent actions.

Before its initial public offering (IPO), Azad Engineering underwent a significant structural change. The company executed a stock split, converting one share with a face value of ₹10 into five shares with a face value of ₹2. Additionally, bonus shares were issued, providing a ratio of five free shares for every one share held by investors.

Post these alterations, Sachin Tendulkar’s initial holding adjusted to approximately 4.5 lakh shares of the company, recalculating his average acquisition price to ₹110 per share. Notably, Tendulkar held onto his shares and refrained from selling any during the company’s ₹740 crore IPO.

As of the most recent market valuation, Sachin Tendulkar’s stake in Azad Engineering currently stands at a remarkable ₹31.5 crore. This unprecedented growth showcases a staggering sevenfold increase from his original acquisition price, reflecting both the success of Azad Engineering and the astuteness of Tendulkar’s investment decision.

List of Prominent Sports Personalities as Investors:

Apart from Sachin Tendulkar, Azad Engineering boasts a roster of renowned sports personalities as investors. This includes badminton stalwarts Saina Nehwal and PV Sindhu, cricketing maestro VVS Laxman, and boxing champion Nikhat Zareen. Their collective investments were initiated at an average price of ₹6,845 per share, highlighting a diverse and esteemed pool of backers for the company.

In conclusion, Sachin Tendulkar’s spectacular journey with Azad Engineering stands as a testament to astute investment decisions, the growth potential of strategic holdings, and the intriguing intersection between sports icons and corporate investments in burgeoning industries.

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