How Has the Ram Mandir Project Shaped Ayodhya’s Real Estate Scene?

Ayodhya Real Estate
Ayodhya Real Estate

The historic Ram Mandir project in Ayodhya has not only been a religious and cultural milestone but has also significantly impacted the city’s real estate landscape. The construction of the temple has drawn attention from investors and developers, leading to notable shifts in property rates and demand. This article delves into the transformations witnessed in Ayodhya’s real estate, examining the per-square-foot rates, the surge in commercial property rates, the current scenario for commercial plots near Ayodhya’s railways, and the latest trends in residential property prices.

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What is the per-square-foot rate in Ayodhya?

Before the inception of the Ram Mandir project, Ayodhya’s per-square-foot rates followed a relatively steady trajectory. In 2019, the rates were around 2000 INR per square foot. However, since the announcement and commencement of the temple construction, these rates have experienced a remarkable surge, reaching up to 8000 INR per square foot. This shift reflects the heightened interest and investments in Ayodhya’s real estate market.

Why are Commercial Property Rates Escalating Rapidly in Ayodhya?

The escalation of commercial property rates in Ayodhya can be attributed to several factors. The construction of the Ram Mandir has sparked increased economic activity and a surge in businesses looking to establish themselves in the vicinity. Raghavendra Shukla, founder of Ayodhya Industrial Developers, notes that the demand for commercial land has risen significantly. The city is witnessing the opening of new businesses, and the hospitality industry, particularly hotels, is a major driver of commercial property demand.

What’s the Current Rate for Commercial Plots Near Ayodhya’s Railways?

Commercial plots near Ayodhya’s railways have become prime targets for investors. The strategic location and potential for transportation-related businesses have driven up the rates substantially. Currently, commercial plots near the railways are listed at around 15,652 to 18,000 INR per square foot, depending on the specific location. Notable transactions and investments in these areas further contribute to the overall upward trend in rates.

What’s the Latest on Residential Property Prices in Ayodhya?

Residential property prices in Ayodhya have also experienced shifts in response to the Ram Mandir project. The demand for residential properties has increased, with investors eyeing opportunities in the evolving landscape. Properties in prime locations, such as Sarayu and other prominent areas, are listed at rates ranging from 15,866 to 1,849 INR per square foot. This surge in residential property prices is indicative of the city’s growing attractiveness for both investors and potential residents.


In conclusion, the Ram Mandir project has played a pivotal role in shaping Ayodhya’s real estate scene. The per-square-foot rates, especially for commercial and residential properties, have seen unprecedented growth. The surge in demand, notable investments, and the changing economic dynamics highlight Ayodhya as a burgeoning real estate market. As the temple construction progresses, it will be intriguing to observe how these trends continue to evolve, making Ayodhya a focal point for real estate enthusiasts and investors alike.

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