Will Your Travel Insurance Cover Costs for Your Canceled Maldives Trip?

Will Your Travel Insurance Cover Costs for Your Canceled Maldives Trip
Will Your Travel Insurance Cover Costs for Your Canceled Maldives Trip

In recent times, the #BoycottMaldives movement has caused a surge in Indians canceling their planned trips to the tropical paradise, expressing concerns over alleged racism and advocating for domestic tourism. This article explores the implications of such cancellations on travel insurance coverage and sheds light on the surprising revelation that insurance might not be the safety net many travelers hope for in the wake of the social media uproar.

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What is the impact of the #BoycottMaldives trend on travelers?

Escalating tensions between India and the Maldives have fueled the #BoycottMaldives trend on social media, leading to a significant number of travelers reconsidering their plans to visit this picturesque destination. Allegations of racism and a call to support domestic tourism have spurred this movement, prompting questions about the role of travel insurance in mitigating potential losses.

InsuranceDekho’s Response:

Major travel insurance provider, InsuranceDekho, has made headlines by announcing an immediate suspension of travel insurance services for those intending to visit the Maldives. In a statement, the company expressed solidarity with fellow Indians, encouraging them to explore the diverse beauty of India instead. This move sets a precedent, indicating that travel insurance companies are responding to the prevailing sentiments and making adjustments to their services accordingly.

How have travel insurance providers responded to the #BoycottMaldives movement?

It’s not just InsuranceDekho; other insurers, including Square Insurance, have reportedly followed suit by ceasing the issuance of travel insurance for Maldives-bound travelers. This industry-wide response raises critical questions about the scope of coverage during times of social or political movements impacting travel decisions.

Insights from TATA AIG General Insurance:

Amrish Dubey, Vice President of Travel Insurance at TATA AIG General Insurance, provides valuable insights into the insurance implications for those choosing to cancel their Maldives trips. Contrary to expectations, Dubey reveals that self-cancellations are typically not covered by insurance policies.

What are the Coverage Limitations and Advice to Policy Buyers:

While travel insurance traditionally covers a wide range of cancellation reasons, such as hospitalization, injuries, flight cancellations, and natural catastrophic events, it is unlikely to extend coverage to self-cancellations related to the #BoycottMaldives campaign. Dubey emphasizes the importance of prospective policy buyers thoroughly reviewing policy documents and understanding the coverage offered before making decisions. He points out that insurance claims for self-canceled trips to the Maldives are unlikely to be admissible under standard policy terms.


“Will your travel insurance cover costs for your canceled Maldives trip?” is likely to be no. Travel insurance providers, such as InsuranceDekho and Square Insurance, have reportedly suspended or ceased issuing travel insurance services for those planning trips to the Maldives in response to the #BoycottMaldives movement. Additionally, insights from Amrish Dubey of TATA AIG General Insurance suggest that self-cancellations, especially those related to social or political movements like #BoycottMaldives, are typically not covered by insurance policies. Therefore, travelers who have canceled their Maldives trips due to this movement may find that their travel insurance does not provide coverage for the associated costs.

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