Who is Appointed as President and Managing Director for SAP Indian Subcontinent?

Manish Prasad SAP
Manish Prasad SAP

SAP, Europe’s leading software giant, has recently made significant changes to its leadership structure, particularly within the Indian subcontinent. These changes reflect the company’s strategic priorities, including a focus on cloud transition, digital transformation, and global technology platform growth. With the appointment of a new president and managing director for the SAP Indian subcontinent and key global role shifts, SAP aims to bolster its position both locally and worldwide.

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Who is Appointed as President and Managing Director for SAP Indian Subcontinent?

Manish Prasad has been appointed as the President and Managing Director for SAP in the Indian subcontinent. Prasad steps into the role with a wealth of experience, spanning over two decades in the technology sector. His career includes significant stints at renowned firms such as Wipro and Accenture. Before this promotion, Prasad was responsible for heading the Industries segment for SAP across the Indian subcontinent for the past three years. His experience is not just limited to the local or regional spectrum; Prasad has also managed global and regional business operations across North America, the Middle East, Asia, and Australia.

In his new capacity, Prasad is tasked with leading SAP’s transition to the cloud, focusing on enabling digital transformation for customers across various industries. This appointment comes at a critical time when digital technologies are increasingly becoming central to business strategies. Prasad’s extensive background and deep understanding of the market are expected to be instrumental in driving the next phase of growth for SAP in one of its fastest-growing markets and innovation hubs.

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What Role Will Kulmeet Bawa Play?

Kulmeet Bawa, the predecessor to Prasad, will transition to a significant global role within SAP. Bawa is set to drive the growth and adoption of SAP’s Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) for customers worldwide. This shift underscores SAP’s commitment to enhancing its global technology platform’s reach and efficacy. Bawa’s tenure as president and managing director saw SAP India through a period of sustained growth and success, and his new role aims to replicate this success on a global scale, focusing on the SAP BTP.

Who Will Be the New Chairman of SAP?

In another major leadership update, SAP announced that Pekka Ala-Pietilä is proposed to be the new chairman of the company. He is set to succeed Hasso Plattner, co-founder of SAP, following the resignation of chairman designate Punit Renjen due to differences with the board. The introduction of Ala-Pietilä as the new chairman is anticipated to bring fresh perspectives and guide SAP through its next strategic phase, ensuring continued innovation and leadership in the software industry.


SAP’s leadership changes within the Indian subcontinent and at the global level signify the company’s focus on nurturing growth, innovation, and digital transformation. The appointment of Manish Prasad as the President and Managing Director for the SAP Indian subcontinent is poised to steer SAP India towards new heights of success. Meanwhile, Kulmeet Bawa’s new global role and Pekka Ala-Pietilä’s upcoming chairmanship are set to further SAP’s ambitions on a worldwide scale. These strategic moves underscore SAP’s commitment to leading through change and positioning itself for a future where digital and cloud technologies play a pivotal role in business success.

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