Which Fund House Launched most NFOs in 2023?

Which Fund House Launched most NFOs in 2023
Which Fund House Launched most NFOs in 2023

As the final days of 2023 approach, the financial markets are closing the year at unprecedented highs. Looking back at the year that was, it’s pivotal to gain insights into the performance and strategies of various fund houses in the mutual fund landscape. A significant aspect to explore is the number of New Fund Offers (NFOs) launched by different fund houses in 2023.

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Which Fund House Launched the most NFOs in 2023?

2023 proved to be a year of substantial activity within the mutual fund industry, marked by numerous launches of New Fund Offers by various fund houses. Among the many players in the market, one particular fund house emerged as a leader in terms of NFO introductions.

Kotak Mutual Fund stood out by taking the lead in launching the most NFOs in 2023. Throughout the year, Kotak introduced an impressive total of 22 new fund offers. This diverse range of offerings included nine fixed maturity plans, three index funds, three sectoral funds, two gilt funds, one ETF, one FoF (Domestic), a multi-asset allocation, and a thematic fund.

HDFC Mutual Fund closely followed Kotak’s lead by introducing 21 new fund offers, while Aditya Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund was not far behind, launching 20 new funds in 2023. Mirae Asset Mutual Fund and UTI Mutual Fund contributed significantly to the market with around 14 new fund offers each, displaying active involvement in expanding investment options. Noteworthy was SBI Mutual Fund, managing assets of approximately Rs 8.50 lakh crore, introducing 10 new fund offers, illustrating a commitment to diversification. ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund, the second largest by managed assets, introduced seven new fund offers, adding to the market’s variety.

Amidst these established players, the entry of Zerodha Mutual Fund as a newcomer was noticeable. Despite being smaller in terms of managed assets at Rs 139.98 crore, Zerodha introduced two passive funds, namely ELSS and large & mid-cap funds, indicating a deliberate foray into specific investment preferences.

Fund houseNumber of new fund offers
Kotak Mahindra Mutual Fund22
HDFC Mutual Fund21
Aditya Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund20
Mirae Asset Mutual Fund14
UTI Mutual Fund14
DSP Mutual Fund13
Axis Mutual Fund12
SBI Mutual Fund10
Nippon India Mutual Fund9
Bandhan Mutual Fund8
Baroda BNP Paribas Mutual Fund8
Quant Mutual Fund8
Bajaj Finserv Mutual Fund7
ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund7
Tata Mutual Fund7
Edelweiss Mutual Fund5
WhiteOak Capital Mutual Fund5
Motilal Oswal Mutual Fund4
Navi Mutual Fund4
HSBC Mutual Fund3
Union Mutual Fund3
360 ONE Mutual Fund2
Helios Mutual Fund2
Invesco Mutual Fund2
ITI Mutual Fund2
NJ Mutual Fund2
Samco Mutual Fund2
Trust Mutual Fund2
Zerodha Mutual Fund2
Bank of India Mutual Fund1
Canara Robeco Mutual Fund1
Groww Mutual Fund1
Mahindra Manulife Mutual Fund1
PGIM India Mutual Fund1
PPFAS Mutual Fund1
Quantum Mutual Fund1
Shriram Mutual Fund1


As we bid farewell to 2023 and prepare to step into 2024, the analysis of NFO launches in the mutual fund space sheds light on the dynamism and vigor exhibited by various fund houses. The competitiveness in launching diverse investment options signifies an industry dedicated to meeting the evolving needs and preferences of investors.

It’s important to note that this overview of NFO launches does not imply a recommendation but serves as a reflection of the mutual fund landscape in 2023.

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