Merry Christmas 2023: State-Wise Bank Holiday List Around Christmas

As the Christmas season approaches, excitement fills the hearts of both bank employees anticipating their well-deserved holiday break and customers eager to manage their financial errands. However, amidst the festive fervor, there often arises confusion among customers regarding the operational hours of banks during the week from Christmas to New Year’s. To provide clarity and understanding, we present a detailed state-wise bank holiday list around Christmas for the year 2023 in India.

Christmas, celebrated on December 25th every year, marks a significant occasion globally, including in India. This festive period not only brings joy and cheer but also prompts alterations in the regular schedules of various institutions, particularly banks. Understanding the holiday schedule during this time becomes essential for customers to plan their financial activities accordingly.

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State-Wise Bank Holiday List Around Christmas
State-Wise Bank Holiday List Around Christmas

Merry Christmas 2023: State-wise bank holiday list around Christmas

The holiday schedule for banks during the Christmas period varies across different states in India. To navigate these variations, let’s explore the state-wise breakdown of bank holidays around Christmas:

December 25 (Monday) – Christmas Day:

  • Nationally, banks across India will remain closed on December 25 in observance of Christmas Day. This closure allows employees to celebrate the festival and spend cherished moments with their loved ones.

December 26 (Tuesday) – Post-Christmas Observance:

  • Following Christmas Day, some states in India, such as Mizoram, Arunachal Pradesh, and Meghalaya, will continue to observe closures for the continuation of Christmas celebrations. Banks will remain closed in these specific states on this day.

December 27 (Wednesday) – Extended Observance:

  • On December 27, certain states, like Arunachal Pradesh, may continue to observe closures, impacting the operational status of banks in these regions, as part of their extended Christmas festivities.


The period around Christmas in India ushers in not only joyous celebrations but also variations in the functioning of banks across different states. While the nationwide closure on Christmas Day is consistent, the differing observances in various states might lead to confusion among bank customers regarding accessibility.

Being aware of the state-wise bank holiday list around Christmas becomes crucial for everyone involved to ensure a hassle-free banking experience amid the festive celebrations. Stay informed and plan your financial activities accordingly during this festive season in India.

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