Who is the New Chief Financial Officer of Airtel Payments Bank?

New Chief Financial Officer of Airtel Payments Bank
New Chief Financial Officer of Airtel Payments Bank

In the rapidly evolving financial landscape of India, Airtel Payments Bank has emerged as a key player, driving innovation and accessibility in banking services across the country. As the bank continues to expand its operations and strategic initiatives, leadership and expertise in financial management become crucial. In a significant move to bolster its executive team, Airtel Payments Bank has announced the appointment of Anuj Bansal as its Chief Financial Officer (CFO). This appointment marks a pivotal step in the bank’s journey towards achieving its financial and operational goals, leveraging Bansal’s extensive experience and strategic acumen.

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Who is Anuj Bansal?

Anuj Bansal steps into the role of CFO at Airtel Payments Bank with a rich background in financial planning, strategy, and management. Prior to joining Airtel Payments Bank, Bansal held the position of Vice President for Financial Planning & Analysis at MasterCard India. His tenure at MasterCard endowed him with critical insights into the financial mechanisms of the payment solutions sector, which is instrumental in his new role amidst the digitization of banking services.

Bansal’s responsibilities at Airtel Payments Bank are set to be comprehensive and strategic. He will oversee the bank’s overall financial strategy, encompassing corporate financial planning, budgeting, supply chain, and treasury management. His role is not just limited to financial oversight but extends to being an integral part of the bank’s executive committee. This positions him at the forefront of collaborative efforts with Anubrata Biswas, the Managing Director and CEO of Airtel Payments Bank, to steer the bank towards new heights of success.

The choice of Anuj Bansal for this critical role is not without merit. His career spans over 23 years, during which he has garnered a wealth of experience across various sectors including financial services and automobiles. His expertise is further underscored by his recognition among the ‘Top 100 finance professionals’ in India by CFO India in December 2020. This accolade is a testament to his proficiency and impact in the realm of financial management and strategy.

Beyond his recent tenure at MasterCard, Bansal has an illustrious career history working with some of the leading names in the insurance and automobile industries. His roles at Max New York Life Insurance (now Max Life), Aviva Life Insurance Co. India Ltd., and Royal Enfield (Unit of Eicher Motors) have equipped him with a diverse skill set and a deep understanding of the financial intricacies of various business models.

Anubrata Biswas, speaking on Bansal’s appointment, highlighted the strategic importance of his role in Airtel Payments Bank’s growth trajectory. Biswas noted, “Airtel Payments Bank is rapidly expanding across all its lines of business and equally so in its depth and breadth of talent. The addition of Anuj with his vast experience across different industries combined with his deep domain knowledge will play a vital role in further powering the Bank’s unique position in India.”

In conclusion, Anuj Bansal’s appointment as the CFO of Airtel Payments Bank is a strategic move that aligns with the bank’s vision for growth and innovation in the financial sector. His extensive experience, proven track record, and strategic financial insight are set to propel the bank forward in its mission to offer transformative banking solutions to its customers. As the financial landscape continues to evolve, Bansal’s leadership and expertise will be instrumental in navigating the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for Airtel Payments Bank.

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