Kites Senior Care Raises Rs 45 Crore in Funding from Ranjan Pai

Kites Senior Care Raises Rs 45 Crore in Funding from Ranjan Pai
Kites Senior Care Raises Rs 45 Crore in Funding from Ranjan Pai

In a significant move signalling the growing interest in India’s eldercare sector, Kites Senior Care, a pioneer in geriatric care services, has successfully secured Rs 45 crore in a Series A funding round. This round was led by Ranjan Pai, the Chairman of Manipal Education and Medical Group (MEMG), through his family office, marking a substantial endorsement of Kites Senior Care’s mission and business model.

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Kites Senior Care Secures Series A Funding

The investment spearheaded by Ranjan Pai underscores the potential seen in Kites Senior Care to revolutionize geriatric care in India. With an aging population that requires specialized care services, the startup has positioned itself as a key player in addressing this demographic shift.

The Role of Ranjan Pai and MEMG

Ranjan Pai’s involvement through MEMG’s family office is not just a financial boost but also a strategic partnership. MEMG’s extensive experience in education and healthcare lends Kites Senior Care a wealth of expertise and credibility in its quest to expand and enhance its services.

Use of Funds: Expansion and Growth Plans

The infusion of Rs 45 crore is earmarked for ambitious growth and expansion strategies. Kites Senior Care plans to deepen its operations in existing cities such as Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Chennai, and set foot in three more cities across Southern India.

Financial Outlay for Expansion

This expansion is part of a larger Rs 65 crore outlay, with the balance funded by the company’s promoters. This investment underscores the commitment of Kites Senior Care’s leadership to its vision and the scalability of its model.

Company Stake and Investment Details

Post-investment, Ranjan Pai will hold a 44% stake in Kites Senior Care. This not only reflects the significant investment but also Pai’s confidence in the company’s future.

Previous Funding Rounds

Prior to this Series A round, Kites had raised Rs 14 crore in a pre-Series A round from Pai, indicating a continued relationship and trust in the company’s trajectory.

About Kites Senior Care

Founded in 2016 by Rajagopal and Reema, Kites Senior Care has carved out a niche in providing comprehensive geriatric care services, including rehabilitative, palliative, dementia, and respite care.

Range of Geriatric Services Offered

The company’s service spectrum is designed to cater to the nuanced needs of the elderly, ensuring they receive the best possible care, whether in facilities or the comfort of their homes.

Current Team and Expansion Plans

With a robust team of 400 care professionals, Kites Senior Care is on a path to increase this number to over 1500, reflecting its growth ambitions and the demand for its services.

Financial Projections and Operations Economics

The company projects a fourfold revenue growth to approximately Rs 175 crore upon full deployment of the investment. This growth is anticipated with an 80 to 85% occupancy in its facilities.

Occupancy Levels and EBITDA Projections

Kites Senior Care’s business model shows promising economics, with a break-even point at 50% occupancy and substantial EBITDA margins at higher occupancy levels, demonstrating the company’s financial viability and operational efficiency.

Technology Integration and Expansion

Aiming to surpass 1,000 beds within the next six quarters, Kites Senior Care is also focusing on leveraging technology through its ‘SeniorShield’ platform, enhancing the quality and accessibility of care.

Investor Confidence and Future Commitments

Ranjan Pai’s further commitment to Kites Senior Care reflects a strong belief in the company’s strategic direction and its foundational growth model. His history of investments in healthcare, including a significant commitment to PharmEasy, positions him as a visionary investor in this sector.

Market Potential and Industry Outlook

With the geriatric care market valued at over $20 billion and growing annually at more than 10%, Kites Senior Care is well-positioned to tap into this burgeoning market. Despite the challenges, the company’s innovative approach and solid backing signal a transformative journey ahead in catering to India’s elderly population, projected to double by 2050.

In conclusion, Kites Senior Care’s recent funding round is a testament to the growing recognition of the need for specialized eldercare services in India. With strong financial backing, strategic growth plans, and a focus on leveraging technology, Kites Senior Care is set to lead the way in providing compassionate and comprehensive care to the elderly, marking a new chapter in the evolution of geriatric care in the country

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